Theresa Rowley Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Theresa Rowley Wiki: Theresa Rowley is a promising Hollywood star from the United States. She is about 35 years old, and her Libran charm and elegance show in her dancing. Theresa’s early education in the arts began at a local high school in the United States. She then went through a life-changing time at Oklahoma City University, where she earned a Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre. During this time, she did better in school and grew as a person.

She found that she loved music and acting, which led her to try her hand at different parts of the entertainment business. Theresa is a versatile artist dedicated to her craft and always looking for new ways to do things. Her move into acting and music wasn’t just to follow a dream; it was also a way for her to learn more about herself and grow. Theresa got better at what she did as she tried out different roles and types of music.

Theresa Rowley Wiki

Theresa Rowley Wiki and Biography

She found a style that people liked. Theresa’s life story is of hard work, talent, and love. Her rise from small stages in her hometown to well-known stages shows how much she loves and works hard at the arts. Her education shaped her as an artist by giving her the skills and self-assurance to discover and share her abilities.

Full NameTheresa Rowley
Age35 years (Approx.)
Zodiac SignLibra
EducationBachelor of Music, Musical Theatre
Alma MaterOklahoma City University
Early SchoolingLocal high school, United States
HobbiesSongwriting, Piano Playing
Talent DiscoveryHigh School
First Acting ExperienceSchool Theater
First Public PerformanceLocal Community Event
First Major RoleUniversity Theater Production
Inspirational FigureClassic Broadway Performers

Theresa Rowley Height, Weight, and More

She lives a healthy, fit life, and Theresa Rowley is the picture of elegance and fitness. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has a powerful and elegant presence. Her dedication to fitness isn’t just about keeping up her looks; it shows how much she cares about her job. She is in great shape, which lets her take on a wide range of roles and challenges in her singing and acting careers.

Theresa Rowley bio

The way Theresa is the way she is isn’t just due to her genes; it’s also because she lives a healthy life. Her public appearances and social media accounts, where she often shares tips and insights into her routine, show how much she loves fitness and fashion.

Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters)
Weight57 kg (125.66 lbs)
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorBrown
Physical Fitness RegimeRegular Gym and Yoga
Favorite WorkoutCardio and Strength Training
Nutrition PreferenceBalanced Diet
Skincare RoutineHydration and Sun Protection
Regular Health Check-upAnnual
Favorite Leisure ActivityHorse Riding
Personal StyleChic and Contemporary

Theresa Rowley Career Information

Theresa Rowley has had a successful and varied career in the entertainment business. From her part in the short film “Marginalia” to her performance in “The Jellyfish Man,” Theresa has shown her versatility as an actress. Her skills have been praised and honored in several high-profile publications and advertising campaigns, adding to her fame in the field.

Theresa Rowley career

Theresa’s career combines being true to her art and making money. She is a respected figure in the entertainment world because her roles and projects show that she can adapt to and do well in different types of entertainment.

Breakthrough RoleAvery’s Wife in “Marginalia
Notable Short Series“The Jellyfish Man”
Stage Performances“Annie”, “Anne of Green Gables”
Media RecognitionNew York Times, The New Yorker
Advertising CampaignsVanguard Financial, ESPN, T-Mobile
Social Media PresenceInstagram, TikTok, YouTube
CollaborationsVarious Influencers
Musical TalentSongwriting, Piano
Fashion SenseTrendy and Stylish
Acting StyleVersatile and Emotive
Inspirational ProjectsCommunity Theater Initiatives
Personal Acting PhilosophyAuthenticity and Passion

Theresa Rowley Net Worth Information

People who work in the entertainment field often get paid well for their efforts. Theresa Rowley has made a lot of money and gained fame through acting and singing. Her net worth has grown thanks mainly to high-profile advertising campaigns and partnerships with well-known brands.

Theresa Rowley’s wealth shows how hard she works, how smart she is, and how much value she brings to every project. Her net worth shows how successful she is and how well she can use her skills in different entertainment business areas.

Estimated Net Worth$1.5 Million (Approx.)
Primary Income SourceActing and Music
Endorsement DealsMultiple High-Profile Brands
Real Estate InvestmentsResidential Properties in the US
Stock Market InvestmentsDiverse Portfolio
Charity WorkActive in Various Causes
Luxury Car CollectionOwned Several High-End Vehicles
Fashion Brand CollaborationsSeveral Prominent Brands
Media Rights and RoyaltiesRegular Income Source
Business VenturesInvestments in Startups
Financial ManagementProfessional Advisory Services
Art CollectionEnthusiast and Collector

10 Interesting Facts About Theresa Rowley

  1. Theresa is an avid equestrian who shares her horse-riding adventures on social media.
  2. She plays the piano and writes her songs in her free time.
  3. Theresa’s TikTok account, @littledrownedrat, boasts over 260k followers.
  4. She has a YouTube channel where she shares storytime videos, amassing 418 subscribers.
  5. Her Instagram account is a vibrant mix of lifestyle photos and fashion posts, followed by over 18k people.
  6. Theresa is known for her cute smile and stylish looks.
  7. She is passionate about outdoor excursions and travel, often documenting her adventures online.
  8. Her career in the fashion industry includes working with top-notch brands and showcasing unique outfit choices.
  9. Theresa’s acting style is described as both versatile and dynamic, capturing the hearts of her audience.
  10. She is recognized as an inspiring, transparent, and intuitive leader in her professional endeavors.


Finally, Theresa Rowley’s journey in the entertainment business is a fantastic mix of talent, hard work, and versatility. She is well-known in Hollywood for her stylish looks, captivating personality, and ability to captivate audiences through her acting and music. Theresa’s story isn’t just about what she has done and how she keeps trying to get better at what she does. Her story shows that if you work hard and are passionate about what you do, you can do great things in the entertainment business. Theresa Rowley is still a name to watch in the business world as she grows and takes on new challenges.

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