Sidney Poitier Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Sidney Poitier Wiki: Sidney Poitier was an actor, director, and diplomat who broke new ground in Hollywood. He was also a Bahamian resident. People worldwide have been moved by what he did for movies. He was the last of seven children born in Miami, Florida, on February 20, 1927. Evelyn and Reginald James Poitier were black farmers from the Bahamas. Sidney was born early and had few chances of living, but he overcame these early problems. This may have been a sign of how strong-willed he would be as an adult.

Sidney lived his first years on Cat Island in the Bahamas, a British Crown colony at the time. When he was 10, his family moved to Nassau, which was his first taste of the modern world. But his life changed significantly when he moved to Miami at age 15 and then to New York City. Sidney didn’t give up even though he dealt with racism in Florida during the Jim Crow era and initially had trouble reading. He got better at reading and worked toward becoming an actress.

Sidney Poitier Wiki, Bio

Sidney Poitier Wiki/Bio

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameSidney Poitier
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 1927
Place of BirthMiami, Florida, USA
CitizenshipBahamian, American
ParentsEvelyn (née Outten) and Reginald James Poitier
ReligionRaised Catholic, later became an agnostic
Early ResidenceCat Island, Bahamas
Teenage ResidenceMiami, Florida and New York City, USA
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJoanna Shimkus

Sidney Poitier Height, Weight, and More

Both literally and figuratively, Sidney Poitier was known for his tall stature. At 6 feet 2 inches, he was one of the tallest people in Hollywood. This made him stand out. His physical fitness helped him have a strong screen personality that captivated people worldwide. Even though he didn’t like vanity, he kept a healthy weight throughout his work, which helped him live a long and prosperous life. Even though he was getting older, he kept his charm and energy, so he was still an influential person until the end of his life.

As an actor, Sidney’s look was a big part of who he was. The fact that he took care of his body and had undeniable ability made him a unique person. He showed that to succeed in Hollywood or anywhere else, you must take care of your body and mind. He was a real influence because he said that taking care of one’s health was necessary to live a long life and have lasting success.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters)
Weight170 pounds (77 kg)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Distinguishing FeatureHis captivating smile
Shoe Size11 (US)

Sidney Poitier Career Information

Throughout his career, Sidney Poitier did things that broke new ground and broke down racial barriers in Hollywood. In movies like “The Defiant Ones,” “Lilies of the Field,” and “In the Heat of the Night,” he gave strong performances that made him a star. Sidney also directed movies like “A Warm December” and “Stir Crazy,” in addition to being an actor.

Sidney Poitier

His many awards, including an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, and a BAFTA Award, showed how hard he worked and how much he cared about his work. He always used his platform to discuss social problems, especially race-related ones. Sidney’s success was more than just in Hollywood. He was the Bahamian Ambassador to Japan from 1997 to 2007. This shows how flexible he is and how much he wants to help his country.

Career InformationDetails
ProfessionActor, Director, Diplomat
Active Years1946-2001
Breakthrough RoleBlackboard Jungle (1955)
Notable MoviesThe Defiant Ones (1958), Lilies of the Field (1963), In the Heat of the Night (1967)
Directed MoviesA Warm December (1973), Stir Crazy (1980)
AwardsAcademy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA Award
Diplomatic RoleBahamian Ambassador to Japan (1997-2007)

Sidney Poitier Net Worth Information

Sidney Poitier’s finances show his success as an actor in Hollywood. He made much money throughout his work as a well-known actor and director. But Sidney never showed off his money. He always kept a humble, down-to-earth attitude about life. He used his money to support the arts and help social issues that were important to him.

Sidney’s net worth grew through investments in the entertainment industry and other business ventures and through the money he made from playing and directing. Even though he lived in luxury, he never forgot how hard things were when he was young. He was known to give a lot to causes, which added to his reputation as a kind person.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Net Worth (2023)$25 million
Primary Source of IncomeActing, Directing
Secondary Source of IncomeInvestments, Book Royalties
Charitable DonationsSignificant contributions to arts and education
Properties OwnedHouses in Los Angeles, New York, and the Bahamas
Cars OwnedRange Rover, Jaguar
Luxury ItemsArt Collection, Vintage Watch Collection
Books AuthoredThe Measure of a Man, This Life
InvestmentsFilm Production, Restaurants
Other VenturesAmbassadorship

10 Interesting Facts about Sidney Poitier:

  1. Sidney Poitier was the first Black actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor.
  2. He was born two months prematurely and was not expected to survive.
  3. Despite not having French ancestry, Poitier is a French name. The Poitiers were likely runaway slaves from Haiti who had migrated to the Bahamas.
  4. In the Bahamas, he grew up without modern conveniences like electricity and plumbing.
  5. At 16, he moved to New York City and held a string of jobs as a dishwasher.
  6. During World War II, he lied about his age to enlist in the Army.
  7. He learned to read fluently with the help of an elderly Jewish waiter.
  8. Besides his acting career, Poitier was also a successful director.
  9. From 1997 to 2007, he served as the Bahamian Ambassador to Japan.
  10. He has written multiple books, including an autobiography and a spiritual guide.


Sidney Poitier did a lot more than act. He symbolized strength and determination, a trailblazer who broke racial barriers, and a man whose impact exceeded the silver screen. From his humble beginnings in the Bahamas to becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, his life story shows how important it is to keep going and believe in yourself. Even though his path was full of problems, he never let them stop him from pursuing his dreams. His legacy continues, reminding us that our potential is the same no matter where we come from.

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