Shraddha Singh Wiki/Bio, (Fashion Blogger) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Shraddha Singh Wiki: Shraddha Singh is a well-known fashion blogger and influencer who has made a name for herself in digital fashion. Shraddha was born in New Delhi, India, on August 20, 1987. She went from a software engineer to a famous fashion icon, a fantastic story. Her change from coding to fashion blogging shows how flexible she is and how much she loves fashion. Shraddha started her blog, “Shrads,” in 2015, and it quickly became very popular. By 2017, she was making a living as a fashion influencer. This change was a big step in her career, leading to her working with well-known brands and attending high-profile fashion events.

Shraddha lived in New Delhi as a child, went to school, and graduated from university there. Her education there has shaped both her analytical and creative approach to fashion. She has made a name for herself in the fashion industry by combining her technical skills with her sense of style. Shraddha is an Indian celebrity. Her Indian heritage and Leo zodiac sign make her even more dynamic and charismatic, making her a real fashion icon.

Shraddha Singh Wiki

Shraddha Singh Wiki

Full NameShraddha Singh
OccupationFashion Influencer
Age (as of 2022)35 Years
BirthdateAugust 20, 1987
BirthplaceNew Delhi
Zodiac SignLeo
Net Worth1m$+

Shraddha Singh Height, Weight, and More

As a fashion influencer, Shraddha Singh’s looks play a big role. She has a slim body that fits her role as a model. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall (1.64 meters or 164 centimeters). She is very dedicated to staying fit and living a healthy life, as shown by her weight of about 52 kilograms (114.64 pounds). Many people notice Shraddha because of her striking good looks and long brown hair.

Many people like her because of how she looks and dresses because of the unique things about her body. Many people who want to be fashion-forward look up to Shraddha because of how she dresses and looks. She knows much about the fashion industry because she can balance her looks with her clothes.

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Hair LengthLong
Height5′ 4” (1.64 m / 164 cm)
Weight52 kg (114.64 lbs)

Shraddha Singh Career Information

Shraddha Singh’s career path combines hard work and a love for fashion. As a software engineer, she had a unique view of the digital world, which she later used on her fashion blog. When she started her blog “Shrads” in 2015, it was her big break into the fashion world. In 2017, she quit her IT job. This brave move turned her career around and let her fully immerse herself in fashion. Her work with different fashion brands and designers shows she can combine different styles to make fashion content unique and appealing.

Shraddha Singh bio

Not only does Shraddha’s blog serve as a fashion influencer, but she also uses other social media sites, like YouTube, to spread her message. She has over 1.5 million subscribers there, where she shares fashion and beauty tips. Many people who want to be influencers look up to her because she is dedicated and committed to her work.

Career StartSoftware Engineer
Blog Launch2015
Full-Time Blogger2017
CollaborationsVarious Fashion Brands
Social Media PresenceOver 1.5M Subscribers on YouTube
Featured InVogue, Elle, WhoWhatWear
Content FocusFashion, Beauty, Lifestyle

Shraddha Singh Net Worth Information

Shraddha Singh’s net worth of more than $1 million shows her success as a fashion influencer. Sponsorships, ads, paid collaborations, and YouTube ads are some ways she makes money. She is a wealthy and intelligent businesswoman because she knows how to make money from her influence and the content she creates.

Shraddha Singh career

Shraddha’s financial success also shows how well she knows how to use technology and how well she can adapt to the fashion industry’s constantly changing trends. Her high net worth shows how hard she works, how dedicated she is, and how well she knows the fashion and digital marketing industries.

Net Worth1m$+
Income SourcesSponsorships, Ads, Collaborations
YouTube RevenueSignificant Contribution
Brand EndorsementsVarious Fashion and Beauty Brands
Social Media InfluenceHigh Financial Impact

10 Interesting Facts About Shraddha Singh

  1. Shraddha Singh transitioned from a software engineer to a fashion influencer.
  2. She started her fashion blog “Shrads” in 2015, quickly gaining popularity.
  3. Shraddha is known for her unique combination of high-end and affordable fashion.
  4. She has a strong presence on YouTube, with over 1.5 million subscribers.
  5. Shraddha has collaborated with prestigious brands and featured in top fashion magazines.
  6. Her sense of style and fashion has made her a role model in the fashion industry.
  7. She emphasizes body positivity and inclusivity in her content.
  8. Shraddha is a skincare consultant who shares her knowledge with a broad audience.
  9. Her content ranges from fashion and beauty to lifestyle and wellness.
  10. Shraddha’s journey reflects her commitment to continuous learning and growth.


Shraddha Singh’s story is an interesting look at how people change and succeed in the digital age. Her change from being a coder to a fashionista shows how important it is to follow your dreams and how digital platforms can help shape careers. Shraddha’s influence goes beyond fashion; she inspires young women and people who want to be influencers, showing them that any dream is possible with hard work and dedication.

She is brilliant in both fashion and digital marketing, as shown by her many sources of income and large net worth. Shraddha Singh keeps making a big difference in the fashion and lifestyle industries with her flawless style, exciting posts, and motivational journey.

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