Rei Yamauchi Fulker Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Rei Yamauchi Fulker Wiki: Rei Yamauchi Fulker is a young actress and dancer who has won hearts with her beautiful performances. Rei has deeply loved the arts since she was born in 2015 in England, United Kingdom. Her rise to fame began when she was a child actor, and she quickly became known for her skill and hard work. Rei is excellent at more than just acting. She has also done very well as a commercial model and a TV personality, which is rare for someone so young.

In the movie “Matilda the Musical,” released in 2022, she played Lavender, which was a big moment in her career. This performance showed how good an actress she is and how she can charm and charisma an audience. Rei takes a lot of natural talent and hard work to connect with her roles and bring them to life. Rei’s social media presence is just as engaging as her work on the big screen. With over 8,600 followers, her Instagram account is a lively look at her life, on and off the set.

Rei Yamauchi Fulker Wiki

Rei Yamauchi Fulker’s Wiki and Biography

People who follow her get to see snippets of her daily life, moments behind the scenes, and how her Style and fashion sense change over time. Rei’s journey in the entertainment business is a story of sticking to your goals and never giving up. From her early days as a child actor to her big break in “Matilda the Musical,” Rei has shown that passion and talent know no age limits. She is a rising star to watch because she can do many things well, from acting to dancing, and she is active on social media.

Full NameRei Yamauchi Fulker
Birth Year2015
Age8 years (as of 2023)
BirthplaceEngland, United Kingdom
Zodiac SignLibra
Instagram Followers8.6k+
Famous RoleLavender in Matilda the Musical
Career StartAs a child actor
Known ForActing, Dancing
Social Media PresenceInstagram, YouTube
InfluencesActing, Fashion, Dance
Unique TraitsCaptivating smile, Style
Personal InterestsCreative Arts
Role Model StatusYoung Inspirational Figure

Rei Yamauchi Fulker Height, Weight, and More

Rei Yamauchi Fulker has already made a name for herself in the entertainment business. Many things about her body make her appear memorable on screen. Even though she is young, Rei is powerful. She is 4 feet 4 inches tall. She looks beautiful, and her light brown hair and hazel eyes make her look even better. She is very comfortable in front of the camera. Her fashion choices and Style are as unique as the shows she puts on. Rei’s versatility as an actress shows how well she can take on different looks and roles.

Rei Yamauchi Fulker Wiki

She always does it with natural grace and confidence, whether showing off a new outfit on social media or playing a role in a movie. It’s impressive that Rei Yamauchi Fulker can balance her youthful energy with a professional air. Because of her looks and skills, she is a well-known and important figure in the entertainment business. Many young actors and dancers look up to her because of her journey, which was marked by early success and a bright future.

Height4′ 4” inches (132 cm)
Weight32 kg (70.5 lbs)
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorLight Brown
Distinct FeaturesBig Eyes, Silky Hair
Fashion StyleVersatile, Trendy
Physical ConditionFit, Energetic
Facial ExpressionCaptivating Smile
PostureConfident, Poised
Dance SkillsImpressive, Rhythmic

Rei Yamauchi Fulker Career Information

Rei Yamauchi Fulker has had an incredibly successful career. When she was young, she started acting and quickly became famous in the competitive Hollywood business. Her performance in “Matilda the Musical” was the high point of her career and a stepping stone to bigger projects. Among her peers, Rei stands out for her expressive acting and captivating dance performances that bring characters to life. Numerous commercials and ad campaigns show her versatility as an actress and model. Her natural acting skills and ability to play various roles make her a highly sought-after actress.

Rei Yamauchi Fulker Wiki

Rei always looks for new roles and ways to improve her skills to show her dedication and passion for acting. Many people have noticed Rei’s natural talent and unwavering commitment to her work in the entertainment industry. She has various skills, from acting to dancing, which have let her explore different areas of the creative arts. In addition to her acting skills, Rei has the charisma to captivate people in real life.

Debut RoleChild Actor
Breakthrough RoleLavender in Matilda the Musical
SkillsActing, Dancing, Modeling
Notable WorksMatilda the Musical
Commercial WorkVarious Ad Campaigns, Commercials
Online PresenceInfluencer, Social Media Star
Talent AgenciesRepresented by Multiple Agencies
Role TypesVersatile, Adaptable
Performance SkillsExpressive, Engaging
Artistic InclinationPassionate about Creative Arts
InfluenceYoung Aspiring Actors and Dancers

Rei Yamauchi Fulker Net Worth Information

Even though Rei Yamauchi Fulker is still early in her career, what she has done so far points to a bright and possibly lucrative future in the entertainment business. Her growing social media presence and roles in movies, TV shows, and commercials show that her career is taking off and that she has a lot of money-making potential. As a young actress and dancer with a wide range of skills, Rei can try her hand at different things in the business, which could help her earn more money over time.

Her work in “Matilda the Musical” and different ad campaigns show that she is marketable and appealing to many people. Rei’s ability to interact with her social media fans makes it easier for brands to work with her and endorse her products, which adds to her wealth. As Rei Yamauchi Fulker’s career grows, her net worth will likely show how successful and powerful she is becoming in the entertainment business. Because she is talented and appeals to young people, she is a well-known figure in her field and has the potential to make a lot of money.

Primary EarningsActing, Dancing
Additional RevenueSocial Media, Endorsements
Potential GrowthIncreasing with Career Progression
MarketabilityHigh in Young Talent Segment
Brand CollaborationsLikely in Fashion, Lifestyle Sectors
Income SourcesFilm, TV, Commercials, Social Media
Financial ManagementHandled by Guardians/Agents
Investment PotentialHigh in Upcoming Projects
Endorsement ValueGrowing with Popularity
Economic ImpactInfluencer in the Young Market Segment
Projected EarningsExpected to Increase with Career Growth
Audience AppealBroad, Young Demographics

10 Interesting Facts About Rei Yamauchi Fulker

  1. Rei started her acting career at a remarkably young age.
  2. She has a significant following on social media, particularly Instagram.
  3. Rei is known for her captivating smile and engaging personality.
  4. Her role in “Matilda the Musical” has been a major highlight of her career.
  5. Rei is not only an actor but also a talented dancer.
  6. She has worked on various commercial projects, showcasing her versatility.
  7. Rei’s unique fashion sense makes her a trendsetter among her followers.
  8. She can adapt to different roles and genres.
  9. Rei’s social media content includes creative and entertaining posts.
  10. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her performances and work ethic.


The story of Rei Yamauchi Fulker’s rise in the entertainment world is an inspiring one of talent, hard work, and dedication. Her early start as an actress and subsequent rise to fame shows her talent and dedication to her craft. As a young dancer and actress, Rei has already done things that many people only dream of, and her future in the business looks very bright. She is very talented in many areas of the entertainment business. She can act in different roles, dance, and model.

Her part in “Matilda the Musical” set a high bar for her future work, and people are still blown away by her performances. Rei’s Style, personality, and interaction with her fans on social media add to her public persona in ways that go beyond her professional accomplishments. This makes her a relatable and inspiring figure for many young artists-to-be. Rei’s story shows that talented young people can make a big difference in their fields through passion, hard work, and the right opportunities.

In the coming years, she will be someone to keep an eye on because of how popular she is becoming and how successful she could become. As long as Rei Yamauchi Fulker keeps growing and trying new things, she will become an even bigger star in the entertainment business and inspire young actors and dancers. Her story isn’t just about fame and success; it’s also about how powerful dreams can be and how people should keep going after them no matter what.

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