Pandya Store 8th February 2024 Written Update: Dhawal will return home from jail.

Pandya Store 8th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha and Amresh feel scared to look at a dead body, but they are relieved when they see it’s not Dhawal. Natasha is very upset, and Chirag tries to make Amresh feel better. Pranali tells them that Amresh’s choices were harming Dhawal. Amba warns Bhavin to tell his wife to be careful about what she says about Amresh Makwana. To everyone’s surprise, Bhavin agrees with Pranali. He says he’s not just supporting Pranali, but Amba needs to see that Amresh likes to control everyone. Pranali is surprised by Bhavin’s words but thinks he’s saying the right thing for Dhawal’s sake.

Amba gets upset and reminds them of all the sacrifices Amresh made in his childhood to take care of them. She says their good life is because of his hard work. Natasha goes to Dhawal’s friend’s house looking for him. Dhawal is in jail. The police give him and the other prisoners food. A prisoner tells Dhawal he respects women, even though he’s a thief. Dhawal gets angry, saying that’s not how he was raised because women are expected to do housework at home. He loses his temper, and the police scold him for causing trouble. Natasha thinks the police might have taken Dhawal.

Pandya Store 8th February 2024 Written Update

Chirag and Amresh come back home, saying they couldn’t find Dhawal. Dolly watches the news and sees Dhawal getting arrested. Amresh hurries to the police station. Isha and Chiku sneak out to Isha’s grooming classes, but Suman sees them. Suman tells Meethu to get an auto for her and follows them to see what they’re up to. At the police station, Amresh meets Natasha. He tells her to wait while he arranges for Dhawal’s release. He gives the bail papers to a police officer criticising him for supporting Dhawal’s bad behaviour.

Amresh tries to explain, saying Dhawal must have explained it was a misunderstanding, but the officer tells him Dhawal said women are mistreated at his home. Amresh tries to get Dhawal out, but Dhawal refuses his help. Dhawal is upset and tells Amresh he doesn’t want to see him or get help. Outside, Amresh is so desperate he begs Natasha to help get Dhawal out. Chiku sees Suman nearby, and they hide. Natasha visits Dhawal in jail, and they share a moment until Dhawal gets upset when she mentions Amresh. The story ends with Dhawal telling Natasha he’s not interested in fixing things with Amresh.

Pandya Store 18th January 2024 Written Update

Precap: Dhawal will come back home from jail. Everyone is happy to see him, but he shocks them by saying he wants nothing to do with Amresh or anything related to him. He pours water on his head and declares that he is dead to them from now on.

Pandya Store 8th February 2024 Episode Review

The episode does a great job of showing how complicated emotions and family relationships can be. It shows how a family can be in a lot of trouble because of misunderstandings and problems with control. There is a lot of tension between loyalty and personal conviction as characters like Bhavin and Pranali question Amresh’s authority. This shows deep-seated issues that everyone, including Dhawal, has to deal with.

Natasha’s never-ending search for Dhawal and the scenes in jail that follow emphasise the themes of respect, independence, and the struggle to find oneself while meeting the expectations of family and society. The characters’ inner struggles add to the emotional depth of the episode, making it a compelling watch that leaves viewers eagerly anticipating what will happen after Dhawal’s brave declaration of independence.

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