Pandya Store 7th February 2024 Written Update: Natasha confronts Shashank.

Pandya Store 7th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Amba defends Amresh, saying he has always sacrificed for the family’s unity. Dhawal agrees with Amba, saying there’s no brother like Amresh. He declares that no one will be Amresh’s puppet from now on. Dhawal tries to leave, but when Amresh tries to stop him, Dhawal pushes him away. Dolly urges Chirag to intervene, but Dhawal insists on leaving. Hetal urges Natasha to go and stop Dhawal. Shashank regrets agreeing with Amresh.

Later, Dhawal gets caught by the police raiding a backyard party. Natasha comes out but misses seeing him. Isha tells Suman she wants to learn more cuisines besides Indian cooking. Chiku suggests Suman allow Isha to attend cooking classes in the afternoons. Suman agrees. Two call girls thank Natasha for helping them. Natasha tries to call Dhawal, but the police confiscate his phone and switch it off.

Pandya Store 7th February 2024 Written Update

Hetal reassures Amba and says she trusts Natasha will bring Dhawal back. Amresh worries about Dhawal leaving. Natasha returns without finding Dhawal. Amresh searches for Dhawal and asks Bhavin to take the rest of the family home. Shashank stops Natasha before she leaves. Chiku receives a call from a friend asking about transferring money. Chiku instructs to transfer it to Bhavin’s account, intending to gain his trust and later cause bankruptcy.

Natasha confronts Shashank for grabbing her hand. Shashank apologizes, explaining his positive intentions, but Natasha angrily tells him to leave her alone. Isha assures Chiku that she’ll help him avoid bankruptcy. Chiku holds Isha’s hand and kisses her forehead romantically.

Pandya Store 28th January 2024 Written Update

As Chiku carries Isha to their room, Amba suggests asking Amresh about Dhawal’s whereabouts. Pranali criticizes Amba for not stopping Amresh earlier. Amresh, Natasha, and Chirag searched for Dhawal but couldn’t find him. They hear people talking about an accident and find a body covered by a sheet. The episode ends with Amresh approaching the body emotionally.

Precap: Amresh tries to bail Dhawal out of jail, but Dhawal tears up the bail paper, asking Amresh to stop pretending. Amresh falls at Natasha’s feet, pleading for Dhawal’s release, unable to see his brother in this situation.

Pandya Store 7th February 2024 Episode Review

This episode worsens things in the family because Dhawal doesn’t want to be controlled by Amresh. During a police raid, Dhawal is arrested, and Natasha desperately looks for him. While planning their finances, Chiku and Isha fall in love. People watching the episode will be on the edge of their seats because it is full of emotional confrontations and shock turns.

The family problems are made worse by Amba’s worry about her son’s safety, and Amresh’s desperation shows how far he’ll go to protect his brother. As the episode ends with a shocking discovery, people are getting more excited for the next episode’s intense jail scene.

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