Pandya Store 5th January 2024 Written Update: Dhawal and Natasha close together.

Pandya Store 5th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Suman asks Chiku to ensure the wedding happens smoothly. Chiku promises not to cause trouble. Amba instructs her daughters-in-law to fetch water to wash off Suhani’s Haldi (turmeric paste). She plans to mix Dhawal’s Haldi in Suhani’s bowl—hetal plans to pretend to be allergic to the Haldi so Suhani won’t use Dhawal’s Haldi. Natasha distracts Amba while Hetal and Pranali carry out their plan.

Neetu tells Sandeep about Dhawal’s second marriage and Chiku’s marriage to Dhawal’s sister. Sandeep sees an opportunity to comfort Natasha, who he thinks will be upset during the wedding. He offers to take Neetu to the resort. Amba praises Suhani as the ideal daughter-in-law. Chirag brings Chiku’s Haldi for Isha. Chiku eats a sweet offered by Chirag but spits it out, accusing Chirag of disrespect by adding dirt and stones.

Pandya Store 5th January 2024 Written Update

Amba thinks there’s a misunderstanding, as the sweets were from a reputable shop. Yash suggests calling Amresh for clarification. Amresh explains that dirt and stones are dry fruits, but Chiku demands an apology. Dhawal refuses to apologize, leading to a confrontation. Natasha tries to calm Chiku, but he insists on respect.

Dhawal also finds the sweet unpalatable. Chiku challenges everyone to taste it and apologize. The situation escalates when Chabili accuses the Pandyas of selling impure products. Suman, overhearing this, becomes upset and accidentally throws Haldi on Amba. Amba slips, spilling haldi on Meethu. This sparks a playful haldi fight between everyone.

Pandya Store 5th January 2024 Written Update

Both families end up covered in Haldi. Natasha throws Haldi at Dhawal, who chases her. He catches her and covers her face with Haldi. Isha and Chiku lovingly apply Haldi to each other. Natasha and Dhawal are fully covered in Haldi. Suhani, waiting for Hetal, is shocked to see Dhawal and Natasha close together.

Precap: Natasha’s plan to spoil Suhani’s mehendi ceremony goes wrong, and she is caught, surprising everyone.

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