Pandya Store 2nd January 2024 Written Update: Natasha Dhawal separated.

Pandya Store 2nd January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dhawal and Natasha are called for their case. Dhawal says he will only think about the future now. As they enter, Natasha’s dress gets stuck in the door, and Dhawal helps her. Amba sees Yash holding Isha’s hands and decides she must do what’s best for Isha. She cries and tells Yash that marrying Isha like I’m afraid that’s not right because they wanted a big, traditional wedding. She suggests having another wedding for Yash and Isha and Dhawal and Suhani. This idea surprises Suman and Amresh.

The judge gives Dhawal and Natasha one last chance to save their marriage. She says once they sign the papers, their marriage will end. Natasha and Dhawal look at each other. Isha is happy about Amba’s idea and thinks everyone will agree because they want a proper wedding. Yash agrees but says Amresh must ask him respectfully; he will bring the wedding procession.

Pandya Store 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Amresh refuses, saying it’s Amba’s wish, not his. He’s upset with Amba, too. Natasha imagines Dhawal refusing the annulment and hugs him. But in reality, Dhawal agrees, breaking Natasha’s heart. Isha asks Yash to listen to Amba, but Yash says he’ll agree only if Amresh asks respectfully to make up for past disrespect. Amresh refuses, saying Yash married Isha to insult him.

Amba pretends to be sick. Amresh says Pranali took care of her overdose, but Amba says she’s still unwell. Amresh then agrees to ask Yash. He asks Yash to join the pre-wedding haldi ceremony at the resort. Suhani wonders what’s happening. Natasha also agrees to the annulment and cries. Yash says Isha will stay with him because he doesn’t trust them. He wants Amresh to ask again and plans to record it.

Pandya Store 2nd January 2024 Written Update

Natasha and Dhawal sign the papers, ending their marriage. Dhawal says they are no longer connected. Natasha says they are now strangers. Yash records Amresh asking for Isha’s wedding with Yashodhan Pandya. Natasha cries outside, hugging Yash. Dhawal tells Amresh it’s over. Suhani is happy and hugs Dhawal. The episode ends with Amresh announcing Isha, Yash’s wedding rituals, and Dhawal and Isha.

Precap: Natasha asks Dhawal to look at her. She wants him to dance, and Dhawal sees turmeric.

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