Pandya Store 27th December 2023 Written Update: Natasha tries to stop Dhawal and Sandip’s fight.

Pandya Store 27th December 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Isha gives Dhara’s bracelets back to Natasha, explaining they were gifts from Yash when he proposed. Isha asks Natasha to tell Yash she holds a special place for him in her heart, but she can’t marry him because it would upset her family. She wishes to be with Yash but tells Natasha to ask him to forget her. Amba advises Rohan not to try too hard, as Natasha often messes things up. Dhawal sees Natasha and Isha embracing each other and tells Rohan they should clear up doubts before his marriage to Isha.

Rohan agrees to find proof that he’s innocent. Suhani tells him to come home with her, but Amba suggests they eat first. Suhani refuses. Suman wonders where Natasha and Chiku went. When Chiku returns with sweets, he shares that he’s got a job as a manager at a construction site. Meethu playfully suggests he should give them pocket money. Natasha comes home and gives the bracelets to Chiku, saying Isha returned them. She says Isha’s love for him was clear because she was crying. She tells them about Isha’s arranged marriage.

Pandya Store 27th December 2023 Written Update

Meethu plans to help Isha escape and marry Chiku, as Natasha is already upset, and he doesn’t want Chiku to suffer, too. Meethu mentions how Natasha keeps visiting the Makwana house despite separating from Dhawal. Natasha says the Pandya Store is being fixed up. Chiku vows to get back at those who hurt Natasha. He leaves angrily. Natasha pleads with Suman to help bring Chiku’s happiness back.

Hetal tells Pranali and Dolly that Dhawal still cares for Natasha. Pranali suggests locking them together to solve their divorce issues. Hetal wants a plan that won’t embarrass their family. Pranali worries as there are only two days left until the wedding. Dhawal decides not to go inside the Pandya house but to call Natasha outside. In a car with his lawyer, Sandip speaks badly about Natasha, angering Dhawal.

Pandya Store 27th December 2023 Written Update

Dhawal attacks Sandip. Natasha arrives, shocked, and tries to stop them. Dhawal catches Natasha when she’s pushed. She questions his actions. A priest suggests starting the wedding rituals the next day after a Ganesh prayer. The wedding is set for the 25th. Natasha leaves, upset with Dhawal’s behaviour. Dhawal feels lost. Rohan asks Amba to let Isha speak to him, but Amba warns Isha against talking to Chiku. The episode ends with Amba worrying about Dhawal’s injuries and final preparations for the wedding.

Precap: Chiku and Isha are at a cliff where Chiku marks her forehead with his blood. Dhawal blames Natasha for Isha’s decision to marry Chiku, saying his family is embarrassed by her. He announces his wedding ritual with Suhani the next day.

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