Pandya Store 26th December 2023 Written Update: Suhani blames Natasha.

Pandya Store 26th December 2023 Written Update: In today’s episode, Amba asks Amresh if Dhawal is considering cancelling his marriage with Suhani. She is worried that this might also affect Isha and Rohan’s marriage. Amresh reassures her that everything will be okay. Dolly tells Dhawal that Suhani has arrived and offers to make an excuse for Dhawal if he doesn’t want to meet her. But Dhawal decides to join them. Dolly suggests that Dhawal should move his separation dates, and he agrees. When Dhawal comes downstairs, Suhani gives him his favourite chocolates. Dhawal wants to talk to her, but Amba interrupts by calling Isha.

Suhani introduces Rohan to Isha. Isha sees Rohan’s injured hand and asks about it, but he avoids it. Dhawal tries to speak with Suhani, but Amba keeps interrupting. Amba asks Suhani to list her favourite things quickly. Amba hopes Dhawal doesn’t change his decision about the marriage. Dhawal sees Natasha at the door and goes to talk to her. Natasha says she has important news about hunters in the jungle. Amba thanks her for saving Dhawal but tells her to leave the investigation to the police.

Pandya Store 26th December 2023 Written Update

She introduces Suhani as Dhawal’s fiancée to Natasha. Dhawal wants to talk to Natasha outside, but Amba won’t let them. Rohan tells Isha he’s okay with their marriage. He looks for his lighter and mentions it’s missing. Natasha shows a lighter she found in the hospital and says it belongs to a man who visited Dhawal there. She suspects Rohan was with the hunters.

Suhani recognizes the lighter as Rohan’s. When Rohan sees it, he’s shocked and denies any connection with the hunters. Amba tells Natasha to stay quiet, reminding her that Isha is marrying Rohan. Natasha warns Amba to be careful, but Amba gets angry with her. Suhani accuses Natasha of causing trouble because she can’t accept Dhawal moving on. Amba warns Natasha that she will face Amba’s anger if Isha’s marriage is affected. Disappointed, Natasha leaves.

Pandya Store 26th December 2023 Written Update

Dhawal remains silent. Trying to be emotional, Rohan asks Amba if Isha is unsure about marrying him. Amba reassures him. Dhawal asks Rohan for proof of his whereabouts. Suhani and Amba defend Rohan, saying he doesn’t need to prove anything. The episode ends with Dhawal stating he trusts Natasha and believes she never lies.

Precap: Chiku will fill Isha’s hairline with vermillion. Dhawal will then blame Natasha for their marriage problems, and she will accept the blame. Dhawal announces his haldi ceremony with Suhani.

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