Pandya Store 25th February 2024 Written Update: Dhawal motivates Natasha.

Pandya Store 25th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Hetal feels surprised when Dhawal tells them to go on the stage from behind the scenes. Dhawal motivates them and tells them to climb the staircase. Hetal goes first, followed by Pranali and Dolly. Natasha begins to climb the stairs, too, with Dhawal behind them. They grab their special ropes. Natasha almost falls, but Dhawal catches her. He tells her to be careful.

Juhi announces that this is the last contestant, surprising Suman. Suman asks about Natasha. Natasha says they will enter the stage, even if it’s risky. Dhawal says since they are all Makwanas, their entrance should be spectacular, too. Natasha mentions she is a Pandya, and Dhawal jokes about it. Juhi says she has already said Natasha can’t join, but then the Makwana women start entering the stage on their ropes, getting cheers from the crowd.

Pandya Store 25th February 2024 Written Update

Hetal walks on the ramp with confidence. A song plays in the background. Hetal introduces herself as Hetal Makwana, a housewife from Somnath, and invites Pranali to come. The Judges are pleased to see the Makwana women. Pranali also makes a great appearance. Juhi is not happy to see them getting claps.

Pranali tells everyone she is a doctor and a housewife and calls Dolly to come next. Natasha tells Dhawal this is his best idea. Dhawal is surprised and looks at her. Dolly also goes on stage, and the women who make the clothes are happy to see their work on stage. Dhawal motivates Natasha, telling her it’s her turn to go on stage. But then, her dress gets a tear. Dhawal looks for a way to fix it quickly because it’s almost time for her to go on stage.

Dhawal fixes the tear with a safety pin. Natasha teases him, saying the hero does it so well in movies, but he can’t even do this right. Dhawal laughs, happy she thinks of him as her hero, and says he’ll learn to sew for her. Natasha says she can wait and suggests she might not go on stage. On stage, Dolly tells everyone she is a housewife and a social media influencer, asking them to follow and subscribe. She introduces Natasha next. Suman thinks this surprise must have been Natasha’s idea.

Pandya Store 25th February 2024 Written Update

Dhawal convinces Natasha to not give up on participating. Natasha smiles as Dhawal secures the belt around her. He keeps looking at her as he ties the rope. He wishes her the best, calling her his queen. Natasha enters with a smile, and everyone cheers for her. Amrish and the family arrive, too. The episode ends with Amrish watching the stage.

Precap: Chiku plans to cause trouble in the next round of the beauty pageant, but Natasha stops him. Isha and Dhawal tell Natasha that the couple must go on stage together in the next round. Natasha thinks Chiku will have to be on stage with Isha and won’t be able to cause any trouble.

Pandya Store 25th February 2024 Episode Review

This episode has both excitement and drama, and it shows how determined the Makwana women are to do well at the beauty pageant, even though there are problems. Dhawal’s quick thinking and helpful actions, especially towards Natasha, reveal themes of working together and being strong. Dhawal’s joke that Natasha is a Pandya is funny, but Natasha’s almost-fall and wardrobe malfunction is scary, which keeps the audience interested.

The judges’ reactions of admiration and the cheers from the crowd show that the Makwana women’s efforts were successful. This episode strikes a great balance between serious and funny parts, making it an interesting watch that celebrates strength and unity.

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