Pandya Store 22nd January 2024 Written Update: Natasha is upset with Dhawal.

Pandya Store 22nd January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha gets upset with Dhawal. She is angry because he doubted her honesty earlier. Natasha tells Dhawal to stop pretending and accuses him of being two-faced. Dhawal is sad and explains that he believed what he saw but now understands that not everything we see is true. He feels Natasha didn’t listen to him, which caused problems between them. Natasha feels she was right not to make quick judgments, which might be why their relationship ended. She wishes she could forget all the time they spent together.

Dhawal tries to explain to Natasha, but she doesn’t want to hear more and considers him a stranger now. Amresh thinks the situation is bad but still wants the wedding to happen. Suman asks Chiku to arrange a priest at the Pandya house for his wedding with Isha. Dhawal wants to follow Natasha, but Amresh tricks him by saying he can’t leave Suhani alone at the wedding stage as it would look bad for her.

Pandya Store 22nd January 2024 Written Update

Amresh tells Dhawal to marry Suhani and then apologizes to Natasha. Dhawal agrees to marry but is upset with Amresh for not caring about his feelings. He goes to the wedding stage. The Pandya family arrives, and the priest asks the bride and groom to sit for the ceremony. Isha is sad, wishing she could have married in the same place as the Makwanas. Dhawal takes Suhani to the wedding stage. Pranali and Hetal think they should stop the wedding, but they are unsure how.

Natasha helps Isha and Chiku during their wedding ceremony and remembers her wedding with Dhawal. While marrying Suhani, Dhawal thinks about his time with Natasha. Chiku and Isha also go through their wedding rituals. Natasha remembers Dhawal’s doubts about her and feels sad. Suhani is happy as the wedding continues. Dhawal remembers his promises to Natasha and suddenly stops the ceremony, surprising everyone. Meanwhile, Isha and Chiku finish their wedding. Isha cries and gets blessings with Chiku.

Pandya Store 15th January 2024 Written Update

Isha promises Natasha to stay strong. Chiku and the Pandya family share a group hug with Suman. Dhawal tells Suhani he can’t marry her, and their wedding knot accidentally burns in the fire, shocking Suhani. Amresh is upset with Dhawal for not following through with the wedding. Dhawal says he kept his promise to leave Natasha and return to Pandya Store but didn’t agree to another marriage. The episode ends with Dhawal apologizing and refusing to marry.

Precap: Dhawal will tell Natasha he loves her again. Natasha will shock Dhawal by putting out the wedding fire with water.

Pandya Store 22nd January 2024 Episode Review

This episode is a roller coaster of feelings, combining drama, romance, and conflict. Natasha’s argument with Dhawal about trust issues sets a tense tone. Dhawal’s inner turmoil and struggle to balance his feelings with what society expects of him give the story more depth. The wedding scenes are very emotional, especially when Dhawal decides on the spot not to marry Suhani, which shows how he still feels about Natasha.

The episode balances personal problems with cultural expectations well, building up to a climax that makes viewers eager to see what happens next. Overall, it’s an exciting watch that weaves complicated relationships and moral dilemmas together.

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