Pandya Store 20th January 2024 Written Update: Natasha breaks down.

Pandya Store 20th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha tells Dhawal that she doesn’t like his old-fashioned thinking. Yash decides they will go away, which surprises Isha. Amba asks Yash to have a proper wedding ceremony with Isha before they go back. Yash explains that they are already married, and this is just for show, to keep people from talking. People start whispering about Isha being already married and that she eloped to get married. Yash tells Isha he’s leaving and she should join him. Natasha takes Isha with her while Amba is upset.

Arvind believes that no matter what happened, Suhani shouldn’t be upset. Amresh agrees and suggests they continue with Dhawal and Suhani’s wedding. Suman tells Yash not to leave Isha like this. Yash wants Isha to leave everything and go with him. Mithu tells Suman that Natasha is taking Isha away. Suman shares with Chiku how Natasha still cares for others despite her troubles. Natasha sees Sandeep, remembers his bad behaviour, and asks Chiku to call the police. Sandeep tries to run away in his car and hurts Natasha on the road.

Pandya Store 20th January 2024 Written Update

Suhani requests that Dhawal not let Natasha’s actions spoil their wedding. Natasha confronts Sandeep for his wrong thoughts about women. Remembering what he did, she starts hitting him. Suman and Chiku support Natasha. Natasha, thinking about Dhawal’s harsh words, hits Sandeep hard. Someone says there’s been a car accident outside, and Natasha might be in it. The family rushes out. Isha tries to stop Natasha, saying Sandeep might die and they should let the police handle it.

Natasha doesn’t want to explain herself but needs to reveal Sandeep’s actions. She tells everyone how he drugged her and tried to force himself on her. Chiku and Dhawal also hit Sandeep for what he did. Natasha is very upset, and her brothers comfort her. Dhawal realizes his mistake in blaming her and apologizes, wishing he could take back his words. He repeatedly says sorry and acknowledges that women are not always to blame.

Pandya Store 17th January 2024 Written Update

Suhani tells her father she’s worried Dhawal is too upset and hopes their wedding isn’t cancelled. Chiku apologizes to Natasha and promises to protect her from anyone with bad intentions. Dhawal regrets his earlier words and chases after Natasha as she leaves with the Pandyas. He hugs her emotionally, but Natasha hesitates and then pushes Dhawal away. The episode ends with Natasha asking Dhawal to leave her alone.

Precap: Dhawal is about to marry Suhani but stops. He decides not to marry and apologizes to Amresh for not keeping his promise.

Pandya Store 20th January 2024 Episode Review

The drama show’s latest episode is a powerful mix of emotional turmoil and social commentary. The plot does an excellent job of addressing issues like prejudice, social pressure, and the results of making snap decisions. Natasha’s character stands out because she faces the bad guy with courage, which aligns with the show’s message of empowering women.

The drama is raised by plot twists like Dhawal realizing he made a mistake and the sudden change of events at the wedding. The episode does a great job of balancing dramatic elements with a message about how important it is to understand and care about others in relationships. Overall, it’s an exciting and thought-provoking movie.

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