Pandya Store 20th February 2024 Written Update: Dhawal is surprised to see the Makwana women ready to participate in the contest.

Pandya Store 20th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Bhavin stated that since the issue concerns men, they should handle it themselves and not involve women. Amrish mentions that Shalini cannot be easily persuaded as she seeks revenge against him. Bhavin suggests that the women in their family are stepping beyond their usual roles and decide to talk to Shalini Dave, although Amrish strongly objects.

Chabeli asks Amba about what should be cooked since the daughters-in-law are not around, which makes Amba even more upset. Chirag reprimands Chabeli. The Makwana daughters-in-law fill out some forms and inquire if Natasha will do the same. Natasha declines, stating the forms are meant for Makwana’s daughter-in-law, a Pandya. Hetal reassures her that, regardless of being a Makwana or Pandya, she is their beloved Natasha, and they all agree to participate only if Natasha joins them.

Pandya Store 20th February 2024 Written Update

Pranali adds that since she lives with them in the Makwana house, she is part of the family no matter what. Eventually, Natasha agrees to participate as well. Sesh disguises himself as Isha in the kitchen to trick Suman, who arrives looking for Sesh and Mithu, making Sesh anxious. Suman drinks water in the kitchen, and Sesh tries to conceal his identity. Isha discovers her water bottle missing. Mithu attempts to distract Suman from the kitchen, claiming Isha will prepare a delicious meal.

Suman wonders why Isha remains silent, and Mithu suggests it might be due to a fast observed after marriage. Dhawal is surprised to see the Makwana women ready to participate and questions if Amrish has allowed this. Dolly assures their participation, and Dhawal is advised to focus on winning Natasha’s heart by proving his independence, grateful for her presence in his life. Natasha insists their relationship is strictly professional.

Dhawal’s sisters-in-law encourage him to persevere, promising to help him reconcile with Natasha. Amrish vents his frustration by breaking objects in his room and yelling. Hetal reassures Dhawal of her support in bringing him back home but cautions against Amrish’s potential retaliation. Dhawal expresses his distrust towards Amrish, suspecting ulterior motives in his actions.

The Makwana women learn they must stay at the beauty pageant venue, prompting Natasha to ask Hetal to inform Amrish. Hetal requests Amrish to pick up Golu from school due to her involvement in the competition, which irritates him further. He assigns Bhavin the task due to a scheduled meeting. The women are shocked to learn the first round involves costume wear, with the threat of elimination for non-compliance.

Pandya Store 17th January 2024 Written Update

Precap: Natasha tells her sisters-in-law they must enter the competition to save Amrish’s company and restore their family’s honour. She smirked, devising a plan, and told them to trust her judgment on the next steps.

Pandya Store 20th February 2024 Episode Review

This episode tells an exciting story about family relationships, personal goals, and the tricky balance between tradition and modernity. It shows how hard it is for the Makwana family to deal with their problems, the expectations of society, and the difficulties of a beauty pageant.

Natasha’s character stands out because she brings people together from different parts of the family and encourages them to join the competition, showing how smart and capable she is as a leader. There are also gender roles themes in the episode, with both men and women struggling with societal norms and their wants. Overall, it’s an exciting mix of drama, emotion, and cultural commentary that makes for a fun watch.

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