Pandya Store 1st January 2024 Written Update: Natasha says she loves Dhawal a lot.

Pandya Store 1st January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Natasha is very upset, asking God why she always loses the people she loves. She wonders why this happens when she has done nothing wrong. Amba decides to risk her life to help Isha’s family. She takes many pills, remembering Isha’s marriage to Chiku. After taking the pills, Amba starts feeling sick and faints, her health getting worse.

Natasha talks about her deep love for Dhawal and how she can’t live without him. She wonders why they met if they aren’t meant to be together. She shows the turmeric and red powder (sindoor) she used for Dhawal, worried someone else might use them. She drops the turmeric and sindoor on her face by accident. Pranali finds Amba unconscious when she comes to give her juice and fruits.

Pandya Store 1st January 2024 Written Update

Pranali yells for help, bringing everyone to Amba’s room. Dhawal thinks Amba took too many pills. Amresh suspects she’s pretending and refuses to bring Isha home, even when Pranali says Amba needs urgent help. Meanwhile, Natasha prays in a temple, hoping her relationship won’t end.

Amresh doubts what’s happening with Amba, but Dhawal worries about her. Despite Dhawal’s concern, Amresh insists Pranali can take care of Amba. Natasha feels helpless, and Suman comforts her, cleaning her face. Suman talks about Natasha’s tough life and prays for her. Chirag wants to delay a ceremony, but Amresh insists it goes on.

Pandya Store 1st January 2024 Written Update

Reporters ask Amresh, Dhawal, and Amba about the situation, but they don’t answer and leave. Amba suggests they accept Isha’s marriage to avoid questions. She plans to do anything to bring Isha home. In court, Isha worries about Amba, but Amresh scolds her. Natasha and Dhawal go inside for their case. Suman and Chiku support Natasha, and Suhani tells Dhawal to fight for his freedom. The episode ends with Dhawal looking forward to his life.

Precap: Natasha confronts Dhawal at his pre-wedding ceremony, challenging him to dance if he’s happy. Dhawal sees turmeric on Natasha’s face and asks her to marry her chosen partner.

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