Pandya Store 18th February 2024 Written Update: Natasha says she will solve the problem between Dhawal and Amresh.

Pandya Store 18th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dolly and Pranali sneak Natasha, who is asleep and wrapped in a bed, but by mistake, they go into Amba’s room. Amba wakes up because of the noise, so Dolly makes cat sounds. However, Amba starts to move around and finds the bed with Natasha in it. She tries to push it aside but ends up falling. She gets mad at Chabili for leaving it there and goes back to sleep. Pranali and Dolly then took Natasha outside and left her near Dhawal. Dhawal is surprised to see Natasha there with the bed.

Mithu asks Suman to eat, but she refuses because he is on Chiku’s side. When he leaves the room, he sees Chiku. Mintu tells him that he spoke against Suman for the first time because of him and asks him not to hurt Isha with his plans for revenge because she loves him. Chiku says he wants to help Isha achieve her dream of winning a beauty contest. Mithu hugs Chiku, saying he believes in him and goes to prepare dinner. Chiku thinks about getting revenge for Natasha’s situation and helping Isha fulfil her dream.

Pandya Store 18th February 2024 Written Update

When Natasha wakes up, she sees Dhawal nearby and wonders how she got outside. Dhawal jokes about it and smiles at her. Natasha asks why he didn’t come inside, as the family would be happy to see him. Dhawal asks if Natasha would be glad to have him back, and she agrees. He then asks if she would stay with him. Natasha reminds him their relationship is over and that she has no feelings for him.

Natasha says she came to the Makwana house because her grandma taught her the importance of relationships, so she wants to stay until she keeps her promise to bring Dhawal and Amresh back together. Pranali thinks about how her clinic had to close because of fake medicines. Bhavin comes in, and when Pranali asks where he is, he says she shouldn’t question him and asks for dinner. Pranali tells him to order food for both of them. Dhawal walks on the road, thinking about winning Natasha back.

Pandya Store 11th February 2024 Written Update

Mithu and Sesh ask Isha if the tea is ready. Isha is unsure what to make since Suman won’t come to the kitchen. Chiku has a plan for Sesh to dress up as Isha, so Suman thinks Isha is there while she goes to the beauty contest. Reporters come to the Makwana house and accuse Amrish of holding back the women in the family. Amba and Amrish are shocked to see them. The reporters ask if they mistreat their daughters-in-law. The episode ends with an officer threatening to shut down Amrish’s office.

Precap: Natasha tells her sisters-in-law that the first round of the beauty contest involves swimming costumes, which shocks them. But she says they must do it to save their home and Amrish’s business.

Pandya Store 18th February 2024 Episode Review

This episode occurs in a traditional Indian home full of drama, mischief, and touching moments. Dolly and Pranali’s funny but failed attempt to sneak Natasha past Amba sets a funny mood balanced by the characters’ tensions and hopes. It adds depth to the story that Chiku is determined to fulfil Isha’s dream while seeking revenge.

This shows how complicated relationships and goals can be. The way Natasha struggles with her ex-boyfriend and her desire to bring family members back together is touching. Love, betrayal, and redemption are skillfully woven into this episode, making it a captivating watch with funny and serious undertones.

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