Pandya Store 17th January 2024 Written Update: Sandeep tries to get closer to Natasha.

Pandya Store 17th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Suman suggests to Dhawal that getting married could bring joy into his life. Chiku, however, believes he can’t marry until they find Natasha. Suman explains to Chiku that he should concentrate on finding Natasha and let Dhawal advance in life. Amresh questions Dhawal about wanting more problems and blames Chiku for possibly causing trouble earlier. Amba warns Amresh to watch his words since they might upset Chiku and make him refuse to marry Isha. But Amresh continues to criticize Chiku.

Dhawal gets ready for his wedding, and Dolly notices his determination. Pranali and Hetal realize they must find Natasha because she’s the only one who can stop the wedding. Sandeep, carrying Natasha, accidentally bumps into Golu, causing Natasha to fall. Golu rushes to tell Isha about Chiku’s bad behaviour and reluctance to marry. Worried, Isha goes to see what’s happening. Chiku decides to find Natasha first and leaves the wedding area, causing Amba to worry.

Pandya Store 17th January 2024 Written Update

A waiter stops Sandeep and asks him to put the blanket on a trolley. Sandeep does so, not realizing Natasha is inside the blanket. Chiku misses seeing her under the blankets. Suhani recalls Dhawal’s words about not being able to marry her. Her friends try to take her to the wedding area, but Dolly stops them for a makeup touch-up. Dolly asks Suhani to apply some makeup while she waits outside.

Amresh asks Amba about the women’s group. She says she sent them to fetch Suhani. Dhawal wonders if Natasha is in danger, which makes him doubt getting married. Pranali and Hetal plan to kidnap Suhani, but Hetal is scared. Pranali convinces her to do it for Natasha’s sake, and they wear disguises. The waiter moves the blanket-covered trolley to the wedding area. Sandeep, worried, tells another waiter to move the trolley aside because one of the blankets is torn.

Pandya Store 17th January 2024 Written Update

Suman and Dhawal overlook Natasha. Pranali and Hetal make Suhani unconscious in her room and take her away. Amresh and Amba wonder why they haven’t returned yet. Chiku searches for Natasha. Sandeep retakes Natasha. Dhawal tells Amresh he needs fresh air and starts searching for Natasha. Sandeep places unconscious Natasha on a bed. The episode ends with Sandeep lying next to her.

Precap: Sandeep plans to record a video with Natasha. While Sandeep tries to get closer to Natasha, Dhawal and Amresh are near the room.

Pandya Store 17th January 2024 Episode Review

This drama episode is exciting and mysterious because it’s about Dhawal’s wedding and the search for Natasha. The story gets more emotional when Chiku is determined to find Natasha before moving on with his life. This makes the plot more complicated. The unexpected turn of events with Sandeep carrying Natasha secretly and the close calls to finding her location raise the tension.

The plot about Pranali and Hetal’s plan to kidnap Suhani adds another level of drama. But sometimes the episode feels too complicated, like too many side stories trying to get your attention. It’s an exciting episode that almost goes too far into drama.

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