Pandya Store 16th January 2024 Written Update: Chiku stops both marriages until Natasha is found.

Pandya Store 16th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Suman asks Natasha if she’s alright. Natasha replies she’s good and plans to embarrass Dhawal with a lot of money. Suman wonders if Natasha is up to something, but Natasha doesn’t admit it. Pranali tells her sisters-in-law they must stop the wedding and help Natasha. She shares Amresh’s scheme and Dhawal’s reason for marrying Suhani for the Pandya Store. Pranali reveals Natasha’s secret plan, asking for their assistance. Dolly, Pranali, and Hetal discussed it with Natasha, who confirmed she had a plan.

Natasha suggests they let the groom sit for the wedding but plans to make the bride vanish. Dhawal feels Suhani is innocent and decides to talk to her before the wedding. He leaves, making up an excuse to Amresh. Dhawal finds Suhani getting ready, and she questions his presence before the wedding, considering it a bad omen. Dhawal apologizes to Suhani, confessing he can’t marry her. He’s sorry for the rituals but stands firm. Suhani is shocked and saddened.

Pandya Store 16th January 2024 Written Update

Sandeep knocks Natasha unconscious and vows to shame her for disrespecting him. Meanwhile, Suhani professes her love to Dhawal, begging him not to cancel the wedding. She believes her love will be enough for both. Dhawal feels sorry but asks her to stop crying. Suhani pleads with him to stay. Sandeep secretly carries the unconscious Natasha. Hetal, Pranali, and Dolly arrive in the bride’s room, puzzled about Natasha’s whereabouts.

Sandeep hides Natasha in a blanket to avoid detection. Amresh receives a call demanding more money for his shop. Otherwise, Yash will get the deal. Amresh is frustrated with Bhavin’s opposition. Chirag is clueless about the daughter-in-law’s location. They nearly discover Sandeep and Natasha but miss them due to the blanket. Dhawal is distracted, thinking only of Natasha. Suman is worried and tries to contact her. Sandeep fears being caught as Natasha’s phone rings in his pocket.

Pandya Store 16th January 2024 Written Update

Amba instructs her sons to find their wives. Suman informs Chiku about Natasha’s disappearance. Chiku suspects the Makwanas. Chiku confronts Dhawal about Natasha, but Dhawal denies knowing her whereabouts and blames the Pandyas for the confusion. Suman reminds them that Isha is also a Pandya. Amresh accuses Chiku of kidnapping Natasha to shame them. Suman advises Chiku against revenge and asks for Natasha’s location. The episode concludes with Chiku halting both weddings until Natasha is found.

Precap: Sandeep plans to record himself with the unconscious Natasha while Dhawal waits at the wedding altar. Sandeep expresses his obsession with Natasha, saying he worked hard to get her.

Pandya Store 16th January 2024 Episode Review

A lot of drama and suspense happens in this episode of the show. The complicated plot centres on a crazy wedding scene connecting several stories. Natasha’s sneaky plan to mess up the wedding makes it more interesting, and Dhawal’s moral dilemma and last-minute decision not to marry Suhani make it more emotional.

The sudden turn of events with Sandeep’s bad behaviour towards Natasha raises the tension and keeps people on the edge of their seats. Dramatic revelations and touching moments are skillfully balanced in this episode, showing a great mix of storytelling and character development. In general, it’s an exciting watch that keeps you guessing.

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