Pandya Store 14th February 2024 Written Update: Natasha tells Dhawal that Amrish has changed.

Pandya Store 14th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dhawal says he’s sad to leave home, but he’s still there for them, just like Natasha, helping them despite her troubles. Dhawal is surprised to see Natasha there, and she jokes about wanting to show her respect for him. Natasha sees that Amrish isn’t wearing his headphones anymore. Amrish gives Dhawal a big hug, showing his feelings. Isha tries to make Sushi, but accidentally, a piece of cloth catches fire. Suman sees it and tries to put it out.

Chiku brings Sushi and quickly throws water on the burning cloth. Suman wonders if Isha goes to cooking classes. Chiku says he brought the Sushi to prove Isha can make them like the real ones. Suman makes Isha act like a hen as punishment for lying, but Isha doesn’t know how. She asks Chiku to do it. Isha finds it hard, but Suman says it’s needed because they keep lying. She’s sure she’ll catch them lying.

Pandya Store 14th February 2024 Written Update

Amrish tells Dhawal that their clinic will open, but he wants him back home to reunite the family. He says the home feels empty without Dhawal. Natasha thinks about what to do since Amrish is making decisions quickly. Amba wonders where Bhavin is. Bhavin meets Chiku, who says Dhawal has left home. Chiku asks why Natasha hasn’t returned and suggests Bhavin should take Amrish’s place.

Bhavin tells Chiku that women in their family don’t work, but Natasha convinced Amrish to let Pranali open her clinic. Natasha encourages Dhawal to decide—amresh talks about celebrating the clinic opening and Dhawal coming home. Natasha hurries everyone to start the opening ceremony. Hetal invites Amba, but she tells them to go ahead. Natasha wants Amrish to cut the ribbon, but he insists Pranali should do it since it’s her clinic.

Pandya Store 11th February 2024 Written Update

Natasha says Dhawal should give Amrish another chance because he’s changed. Pranali and Natasha cut the ribbon together. Dhawal and Amrish are happy. Pranali gives everyone sweets, and they share happy family moments and take photos. Bhavin complains to Chiku about Amrish supporting Pranali and not him. Bhavin sent fake medicines to the clinic, which could cancel Pranali’s license. The story ends with the arrival of the fake medicines at the clinic.

Precap: Amrish worries about his company’s shares dropping and thinks he might lose everything. Natasha asks him to let the women in the family join a beauty pageant in Somnath.

Pandya Store 14th February 2024 Episode Review

This episode is an excellent example of how complicated family relationships can be because it has drama and emotion. People can relate to Dhawal’s sad departure and love for his family, even though he had personal problems. Natasha’s willingness to help and Amrish’s emotional healing show how important it is to understand and forgive.

The side story about Isha’s cooking accident adds a funny touch, and Suman’s punishments show how important family rules are and what happens when you lie. The opening of Pranali’s clinic is a sign of fresh starts and the strength of family support. But Bhavin’s evil plan with fake medicines leaves us on the edge of our seats, hinting at more intrigue and possible conflict—an exciting mix of humour, tension, and warmth.

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