Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Written Update: Natasha is determined to reunite Dhawal with his family.

Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Dhawal arrives at the clinic, and Natasha is very happy to see him there. Dhawal gives a big smile. Natasha says hello to him but accidentally falls into his arms, dropping the flowers she had. This makes flower petals fall over them. Dhawal and Natasha look into each other’s eyes. She then thanks him for coming. Dhawal says that if Natasha calls, he must come. Natasha tells her sisters-in-law that Dhawal has come, and they all come out to meet him.

Natasha calls Amrish to tell him Dhawal has arrived. Dhawal asks Pranali to begin the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. Just as Pranali is about to cut it, Amrish stops her, speaking theatrically. Natasha is confused by Amrish’s over-the-top behaviour, so she tries to talk to him on a group call. Pranali tells Dhawal that Amrish would rather die than let her open the clinic.

Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Written Update

Dhawal calls Amrish by his name, which surprises him. He declares that he and the others won’t be controlled by Amrish anymore. Amrish asks Dhawal if he won’t call him Mots, and Dhawal says no. Amrish then says he will allow the clinic to open. Natasha asks Amrish why he agreed so quickly and asks him to take back his words to avoid getting caught.

Dhawal is suspicious of Amrish. Amrish then says the clinic can only open over his dead body, changing his statement. Dhawal wonders why Amrish changed his mind. Amrish claims nothing can go against his will. Dhawal asks Amrish who he is talking to, but Amrish quickly says he is only talking to Dhawal. He stands before the ribbon, saying he won’t allow the clinic to open. Amrish and Dhawal face off.

Amba wants to spoil the mood when she sees the daughter-in-law happy. She takes mud and throws it at the clinic’s sign. Natasha quietly tells Amrish to stop Amba or their plan will fail. Amrish tells Amba to stay out of it, as it’s a matter between him and the women’s council. Dhawal asks Pranali to cut the ribbon. Natasha thinks this should have been after Dhawal and Amrish understood each other. Then, Natasha’s phone falls, and she wonders how to pick it up.

Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Written Update

Natasha tries to calm Amrish, asking him not to harm Dhawal now that he has left home. She tells him how Amrish has been upset, not eating or sleeping. Natasha encourages him to consider Dhawal’s perspective. At first, Amrish refuses but then allows Dhawal to speak.

Dhawal says she is educated and deserves to open the clinic. He also warns Amrish that he will lose his family if he keeps interfering. Meanwhile, Natasha picks up her phone. The story ends with Dhawal asking her what she is doing on the ground.

Precap: Dhawal will accuse Amrish of bringing fake medicines to Pranali’s clinic and be very upset with him. Natasha will become even more determined to get Dhawal back with his family.

Pandya Store 13th February 2024 Episode Review

This episode is dramatic and emotional, and it does a great job of showing how complicated family and work relationships can be. When Dhawal walks into the clinic, a chain of emotional and tense events starts, from Natasha falling into Dhawal’s arms by accident to the fight with Amrish. Love, loyalty, and conflict are cleverly woven into the plot as the characters try to balance their wants and duties.

The fight for power and respect is shown by Amrish’s shifting views and Dhawal’s resolve. The episode builds suspense and teases future conflicts, especially with the hints of problems that might arise when the clinic opens. Overall, it’s an exciting show that makes people eagerly wait for what happens next.

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