Pandya Store 12th February 2024 Written Update: Pranali thanks Natasha for helping her achieve her dream.

Pandya Store 12th February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Amresh is talking to Amba. He tells her he promised to keep the family together, so he can’t break his promise and let Dhawal leave. He shares food with Amba, saying he’ll do the right thing. After Amba starts to eat, Amresh thanks her, gives her water, and mentions Hetal will bring her medicine soon. He then goes to talk to Natasha about her final plan. Natasha explains that Amresh needs to say no first, and then, after some discussion, he should agree. This way, Dhawal will think Amresh is trying to change.

Pranali feels it might be hard to win back Dhawal’s trust. Natasha suggests Amresh could give Pranali a first aid kit to make things seem more genuine. Amresh asks Natasha if she believes her plan will work. Natasha is confident it will and insists she’ll stay until Dhawal returns. Natasha and Pranali then talk about setting up the clinic and decorating it. Natasha praises Pranali for doing something remarkable. Amba hears this and plans to shut down Pranali’s clinic.

Pandya Store 12th February 2024 Written Update

Isha and Chiku tell Suman about leaving for a cooking class. Dama questions Isha’s practice at home and asks her to cook the Sushi she learned recently. Isha tells Chiku she can’t cook it as she doesn’t know how. Chiku suggests looking online and says he’ll check the market for ingredients. Amresh invites Bhavin to ride together, but Bhavin refuses, opposing Pranali’s actions.

Bhavin also says his relationship with Pranali will end once she starts working at the clinic. Amba tries to make Amresh see he might lose one brother in his attempt to bring another home and suggests stopping the clinic’s opening. Amba thinks Amresh isn’t listening and decides to involve Bhavin. Everyone is happy to see Pranali’s clinic sign and take selfies. Pranali thanks Natasha for helping her achieve her dream. Amba hints to Bhavin about a plan to stop a doctor from working, and Bhavin smirks, understanding her plan.

Pandya Store 12th February 2024 Written Update

Hetal tells Natasha she’ll also work hard for Golu’s dreams. Pranali asks Natasha if Dhawal will visit, and Natasha hopes so. Dolly mentions Dhawal’s love for Natasha and believes he will come for her. Amba reaches the clinic as Natasha looks for Dhawal. Chirag asks Amba not to use her phone to keep in touch with Natasha. Amba continues to act dramatically. She then calls Bhavin to check on the medicines she requested. The story ends with Dhawal arriving at the clinic, happy to see it.

Precap: Dhawal will confront Amresh about giving Pranali a box of fake medicines and will be upset. Frustrated by the situation, Natasha still aims to bring them back together.

Pandya Store 12th February 2024 Episode Review

This episode does a great job of combining drama and emotion, showing how complicated the relationships are in the Makwana family. As he helps Amba and Dhawal get through challenging situations, Amresh’s desire to keep his family together is clear. Natasha’s careful planning adds an interesting layer of suspense and makes you wonder how far someone would go to fix family relationships.

The opening of Pranali’s clinic as a sign of hope and ambition contrasts the threats and opposition already there. This shows how hard it is to follow your dreams when your family expects you to do something else. The episode does a great job of balancing themes of loyalty, ambition, and conflict, and viewers can’t wait to see how Dhawal’s trust is restored and the family comes together again.

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