Orson Welles Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Orson Welles Wiki: Orson Welles is a famous person in the history of movies. George Orson Welles was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on May 6, 1915. He grew up in a home with good and bad times. At age 21, the very talented person started working in theater by joining the Federal Theatre Project in New York City. Even though he was in many famous movies, he did much more in his life than just working in the movie business.

The person in question went through a lot of different things that had a significant impact on his personality and identity. Welles had a life full of passion, drama, and intellectual brilliance. He learned a lot at the Todd Seminary for Boys, where he spent his formative years and made many friends.

Orson Welles Wiki,Bio

Orson Welles Wiki/Bio

Orson Welles Wiki and BiographyDetails
Full NameGeorge Orson Welles
Date of BirthMay 6, 1915
Place of BirthKenosha, Wisconsin
Father’s NameRichard Head Welles
Mother’s NameBeatrice Ives Welles
MarriagesVirginia Nicolson, Rita Hayworth, Paola Mori
Children3 (Christopher, Rebecca, Beatrice)
Known RelationshipsDolores del Río, Maila Nurmi
Ancestral MythDescendant of Gideon Welles
Early EducationTodd Seminary for Boys
Professional DebutFederal Theatre Project in New York City

Orson Welles Height, Weight, and More

Orson Welles was a famous director who was known not only for his skills behind the camera but also for how he looked. He had a solid appearance, with a height of 6 feet (1.83 meters) and a weight of 275 pounds (125 kg) in his later years.

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One of his traits was his deep voice, which added another layer to his stories and made them even more enjoyable. The man who would forever change the way movies are made had green eyes and brown hair that added to his look.

Orson Welles Height, Weight, and MoreDetails
Height in meters1.83 meters
Height in inches72 inches (6 feet)
Height in feet6 feet
Weight in kg125 kg
Weight in pounds275 pounds
Weight in ounces4400 ounces
Eye colorGreen
Hair colorBrown
Distinctive featuresDeep voice, unique directorial style

Orson Welles Career Information

Orson Welles had a career that was nothing less than impressive. People often say that his first movie, “Citizen Kane,” is one of the best movies ever made. It shows how smart he was, even at a young age. He also made waves with his radio version of “The War of the Worlds,” which made him famous worldwide.

Orson Welles

Over the years, Welles made movies that showed off his unique style, which included complex plots and new ways of shooting movies. Even though corporate interference was a problem, Welles’s films are praised for their brilliance and innovative storytelling methods.

Orson Welles Career InformationDetails
First FilmCitizen Kane (1941)
Notable FilmsThe Magnificent Ambersons, The Lady from Shanghai, Touch of Evil
Radio AchievementThe War of the Worlds adaptation
Awards ReceivedAcademy Award, Golden Lion, AFI Life Achievement Award
Theatre ContributionsMercury Theatre on the Air
Controversial ProductionThe Cradle Will Rock
Film StyleLayered and nonlinear narrative forms, deep focus shots

Orson Welles Net Worth Information

You can’t just look at his money to figure out how much he’s worth. Even though he made a lot of money from movies, radio shows, and plays, what he did is worth much more than that. He put money into companies that made movies and had land in both Hollywood and Europe.

Welles had a lot of money because he worked with well-known people like John Houseman and Rita Hayworth. Even though he had troubles, he had a significant effect on movies and art.

Orson Welles Net Worth InformationDetails
Primary Income SourceFilmmaking
Secondary IncomeRadio, Theatre
Notable InvestmentsFilm Production Companies
AssetsHomes in Hollywood and Europe
CollaborationsJohn Houseman, Rita Hayworth
Financial ChallengesStudio interventions, Film edits
Legacy WorthInvaluable (Monetary value unspecified)
Royalties from FilmsSignificant (Exact value unspecified)
Monetary AchievementsNumerous awards with cash prizes
Philanthropic EndeavorsSupported several art projects

10 Interesting Facts About Orson Welles

  1. Wunderkind of Radio and Theater: Before he became a legend in cinema, Welles was already known for his innovative work in theater and radio. His radio adaptation of H.G. Wells’ “The War of the Worlds” in 1938 is infamous for causing mass panic, as many listeners believed an actual Martian invasion was underway.
  2. Youngest Achievement: Welles co-wrote, directed, and starred in “Citizen Kane” when he was only 25 years old. The film is often regarded as the most excellent film ever made.
  3. Film Innovations: Welles was known for his innovative use of deep focus (where foreground and background are in focus), which he prominently used in “Citizen Kane.”
  4. Multifaceted Talent: Over his career, Welles took on various roles, including actor, director, writer, and producer. He even voiced the character ‘Unicron’ in the 1986 animated film “The Transformers: The Movie.”
  5. Not Just Films: Welles was a celebrated stage director, notably for his all-black version of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and his modern-dress fascist Italy “Julius Caesar.”
  6. Exile in Europe: In the 1950s, after facing several professional and financial issues in Hollywood, Welles spent a significant part of his career in Europe.
  7. Magic Enthusiast: Welles had a lifelong fascination with magic and was a skilled magician. He often performed magic tricks for his friends and occasionally in his films.
  8. Unfinished Works: Welles worked on many incomplete or unreleased projects throughout his career. One such film, “The Other Side of the Wind,” was finally completed and released in 2018, more than 30 years after his death.
  9. Critical Recognition Over Commercial: Despite his reputation today, not all Welles’ films were immediate commercial successes. However, they were highly influential and received critical acclaim.
  10. Profound Influence: Many prominent directors, including Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton, and Paul Thomas Anderson, have cited Welles as a significant influence on their work.


Orson Welles made money from movies, radio, and the theater, but his net worth and financial situation considerably changed his life. Welles had a hard time making money because the company got in the way, disagreed on editing the film, and some of his projects didn’t sell well. He put a lot of money into film production companies and owned several buildings, showing he was sometimes wealthy.

But Welles’s real wealth can’t be measured by how much money he has. His services to film, theater, and radio were so vital that they couldn’t be measured by money alone. The art he made, the new ideas he brought to stories, and the limits he broke will always be worth a lot.

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