Naila Schuberth Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Naila Schuberth Wiki: The young German actress Naila Schuberth has blown up in the entertainment world. She was born in Germany on October 20, 2011, and her acting career, which began in 2020, has gone in a very impressive direction. Even though she is only 11, Naila has already made a name for herself by showing how talented and versatile she is. Libra is her star sign and has all the charm and balance that character is known for. In her first TV show, “Betty Diagnose,” Naila played Tilda Vollmer, a role that immediately caught people’s attention.

Even though Naila is young, her performances show that she loves acting and is dedicated to her craft. She is part of a new generation of young talent in the business and brings fresh ideas and energy to her roles. She works hard at acting and school, which shows she can balance work and school. Naila’s early success shows that she will do well in the acting business in the future.

Naila Schuberth Wiki

Naila Schuberth Wiki and Biography

Full NameNaila Schuberth
Date of BirthOctober 20, 2011
Age11 years (as of 2022)
Zodiac SignLibra
Start of Acting Career2020
First TV SeriesBettys Diagnose
SchoolingLocal High School in Germany
Known ForRole in Bird Box: Barcelona
HobbiesSinging, Watching Movies
Early Breakthrough RoleSofia in Bird Box: Barcelona
Favorite Film GenreDrama
Inspirational ActorEmma Watson
Favorite TV ShowStranger Things

Naila Schuberth Height, Weight, and More

Naila Schuberth is popular with young people because she looks beautiful and has a lively personality. Her height of 3′ 9″ and weight of about 35 kg make her very attractive, and she holds people’s attention. Her blue eyes and brown hair make her look like a doll, and she’s very comfortable in front of the camera. She is becoming increasingly popular in the entertainment business because of how she looks and how good she is at acting.

Naila Schuberth bio

Young people love Naila because of her unique style and charm, which go well with her good looks. Her acting skills are shown by how well she can show how she feels through her facial expressions and body language. Even though Naila is young, she acts like an adult in her roles, giving her characters depth and realism. She has beautiful features that help her stand out on screen and show how lively she is in real life.

Height3′ 9” inches
Weight35 kg
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBrown
Shoe SizeUS 4
Favorite AccessoryHeadbands
Style IconZendaya
Skincare RoutineGentle Cleansing
Fitness RegimeDance and Play
Preferred BrandsKid-Friendly Designers
Unique FeatureSparkling Smile

Naila Schuberth Career Information

Naila Schuberth has been rising since her first role in 2020. Her role as Sofia in “Bird Box: Barcelona” in 2023 made her famous and won her a lot of praise. Her part in “Romer Reihe—Das Lied Der Toten Madchen” showed off even more of her acting skills. Naila has also been in several well-known TV shows, including “Dear Child,” “Blackout,” “Gefahrliche Nahe,” “Unbroken,” “Heldt,” and “Betty Diagnose.”

Naila Schuberth career

Her fantastic acting and delivery of lines have made her stand out in a competitive field. Naila’s dedication to her job is clear from the range of roles she has played. She is versatile as an actress because she can play various roles and genres. People of all ages connect with her performances because they are real and have a lot of depth. Naila’s career path shows her talent and promise, making her someone to watch in the coming years.

Debut TV SeriesBettys Diagnose
Breakout RoleSofia in Bird Box: Barcelona
Notable FilmsRomer Reihe- Das Lied Der Toten Madchen
Television AppearancesDear Child, Blackout, Gefahrliche Nahe, Unbroken
Acting StyleExpressive, Versatile
Favorite RoleAdventure Characters
Dream ProjectHistorical Drama
Upcoming ProjectsUntitled Fantasy Series
Acting IdolMillie Bobby Brown
Preferred Acting MethodMethod Acting
Languages SpokenGerman, English
Special SkillsVoice Modulation, Dance

Naila Schuberth Net Worth Information

Many people are interested in Naila Schuberth’s net worth because she is a rising star in the entertainment business. Even though the exact amounts aren’t made public, her early success in TV and movies suggests she will make a lot of money. She mostly makes money from acting jobs, but as she gets older, she might be able to do endorsements and other things that bring in money.

Naila’s net worth will likely rise as she gets more roles and becomes better known in the business. Naila is just starting to make money, and thanks to her talent and growing fame, she is set up for a successful career in show business. Her net worth isn’t known to the public, but it shows how hard she works and loves her job. Her chances of making money should improve as she ages and takes on more challenging roles.

Estimated Net WorthGrowing with Career Progress
Primary Income SourceActing in Films and TV Shows
Potential EndorsementsChild-Friendly Brands
Financial ManagementManaged by Parents
Savings PlanEducation Fund
Charitable ContributionsChildren’s Charities
Future Investment PlansEntertainment Industry
LuxuriesModest, Age-Appropriate
Financial GoalSustainable Career Growth
Monetary AspirationsSupporting Family and Charity
Fiscal ResponsibilityLearning Financial Literacy

10 Interesting Facts about Naila Schuberth

  1. Naila started acting at the age of 8.
  2. She has a natural talent for singing, which she enjoys in her free time.
  3. Despite her young age, she has already worked with several renowned directors.
  4. Naila is an avid animal lover and enjoys spending time with pets.
  5. She has expressed a keen interest in learning new languages.
  6. Naila is known for her philanthropic interests, particularly in children’s charities.
  7. She aspires to act in a historical drama one day.
  8. Her favorite school subjects are Art and History.
  9. Naila enjoys outdoor activities, especially cycling and hiking.
  10. She has a close-knit circle of friends from her school and the acting community.


Naila Schuberth’s short time working in the entertainment industry has been excellent. Her roles in different movies and TV shows have shown how good an actress she is and how she can improve as an actress. Balancing school and acting shows how dedicated and hardworking she is. Young people who want to be actors look up to Naila because she is talented and pleasant.

Her journey shows that talented young people can make significant steps forward in their careers if they are dedicated, persistent, and given the right chances. Naila Schuberth will be a name to remember and keep an eye on as long as she keeps giving great performances.

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