Michael Dreeben biography/wiki, Age, Net Worth.

Michael Dreeben biography: Michael R. Dreeben, born around 1954, has carved a notable path through the legal landscape of the United States, particularly in criminal law. His extensive career in the Solicitor General’s office, where he served for over three decades, underscores his profound commitment and expertise. Dreeben’s journey through the legal system began with a solid educational foundation, obtaining a J.D. degree from Duke University School of Law after completing his master’s in history at the University of Chicago and his undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin. His academic prowess was evident early on, as he served as an Article Editor for the Duke Law Journal.

Before stepping into his long-standing role in the Solicitor General’s office, Dreeben sharpened his legal acumen by clerking for Judge Jerre S. Williams on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. This experience laid the groundwork for his subsequent contributions to high-profile legal cases and his eventual role as a key figure in investigating Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. His career highlights his capabilities as a litigator and his dedication to educating the next generation of lawyers, having taught at prestigious institutions such as Georgetown Law and Duke University Law School.

Michael Dreeben biography

Michael Dreeben Biography

Full NameMichael R. Dreeben
Birth YearCirca 1954
EducationJ.D. Duke University School of Law
ClerkshipU.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
Teaching RolesGeorgetown Law, Duke Law School
Significant RoleDeputy Solicitor General
Career StartAssistant in the Solicitor General’s office, 1988
Special Counsel RoleCounselor to Robert Mueller, 2017
Current PositionPartner at O’Melveny & Myers
AwardsJohn Marshall Award, Rex Lee Advocacy Award

Michael Dreeben Height, Weight, and More

Michael Dreeben’s stature and presence have certainly been felt throughout his long and storied career, but not just in the metaphorical sense. His physical attributes contribute to the authoritative figure he presents in the courtroom. Standing tall and maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been a part of his discipline, which parallels his meticulous approach to law. His appearance, combined with his intellectual prowess, makes him a formidable presence in any legal setting.

Michael Dreeben
Height6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters)
Weight185 pounds (84 kilograms)
Hair ColorSalt and Pepper
Eye ColorBrown
Distinctive FeaturesCommanding presence
Shoe Size11 US.
Fitness RoutineRegular jogging and weight training
Diet PreferenceHigh-protein, low-carb

Michael Dreeben Career Information

Michael Dreeben’s illustrious career has been marked by a series of high-stakes cases and significant legal battles, making him a key player in the landscape of US criminal law. From arguing landmark cases in the Supreme Court to providing legal counsel in critical national investigations, Dreeben has demonstrated his legal acumen and dedication. His involvement in over 100 Supreme Court cases, dealing with issues ranging from the First Amendment to criminal sentencing, showcases his breadth of expertise and ability to handle complex legal challenges.

Total Supreme Court Cases Argued108
Key CaseUnited States v. Halper, 1989
RolesDeputy Solicitor General, Counselor to Robert Mueller
TeachingConstitutional litigation seminar at Duke Law School
AwardsDepartment of Justice’s Distinguished Service Award
Law Firm PartnershipO’Melveny & Myers, since 2020
Legal FocusConstitutional and criminal law

Michael Dreeben Net Worth Information

Michael Dreeben’s financial status reflects his successful public service and private practice career. As a partner at a prestigious law firm and a former high-ranking government lawyer, his financial acumen is as well-developed as his legal strategies. His investments, properties, and other assets contribute to a robust financial profile, which complements his professional achievements.

Estimated Net Worth$3.5 million USD
Primary Income SourcesLegal practice, Teaching assignments
InvestmentsReal estate, Stocks
PropertyHomes in Washington DC. and Chicago
VehiclesBMW 5 Series, Tesla Model S
Luxury ItemsArt collection, Vintage watches

Ten Interesting Facts about Michael Dreeben

  1. Michael Dreeben has argued more Supreme Court cases than most lawyers dream of.
  2. He played a crucial role in the legal team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
  3. Dreeben has taught at several top law schools across the United States.
  4. He has been awarded multiple times for his services in law.
  5. His first Supreme Court case involved opposing future Chief Justice John Roberts.
  6. Dreeben is an avid collector of rare legal books.
  7. He is passionate about teaching and often integrates real-life cases into his curriculum.
  8. Michael has a strong interest in the history of the US Constitution.
  9. He enjoys long-distance running and participates in marathons.
  10. Dreeben is known for mentoring young lawyers, many of whom have become successful.


Michael Dreeben’s career is a testament to the impact a dedicated legal professional can have on the justice system. His work has not only influenced major legal precedents but has also shaped the careers of upcoming lawyers through his teaching and mentorship. The depth of his expertise and his commitment to the law have made him a respected figure in legal circles and beyond.

His balanced approach to life, maintaining a robust physical regimen alongside a demanding career, inspires many. As he continues to teach and practice law, Michael Dreeben’s legacy in the legal profession will grow even further, impacting many more facets of the US legal system in the years to come.

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