Meredith Hagner Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Meredith Hagner Wiki: Meredith Hagner was born in the United States on May 31, 1987, and is now a well-known actress. Meredith has worked in show business for a long time and has had a lot of fun. She got her start in soap operas and has been in many great movies and TV shows since then. She can play many different roles, which shows how versatile she is and how much she loves her job. Meredith is a Gemini, so she is adaptable and suitable with people. These traits have helped her do well.

Hagner went to Chapel Hill High School in North Carolina in her early years. After that, she graduated from a nearby college. In school, she learned things that helped her become an actress, a job that made her famous and respected. She loves her job and always gives everything she does her all because she is a workaholic. Because of this drive, she is renowned for acting and a role model for people who want to become actors.

Meredith Hagner Wiki

Meredith Hagner Wiki and Biography

Full NameMeredith Hagner
Date of BirthMay 31, 1987
Zodiac SignGemini
High SchoolChapel Hill High School, North Carolina
UniversityLocal University (Name not specified)
Early CareerSoap Operas
TransitionTV Shows and Movies
Known ForVersatility and Work Ethic
Social Media PresenceGrowing
Instagram Followers75K+
Marital StatusMarried to Wyatt Russell
ChildBuddy Prine Russell (born March 2021)
Advertisements Worked3M, Acuvue, JCPenney, Levi’s, Radio Shack

Meredith Hagner Height, Weight, and More

Meredith Hagner’s good looks are just as eye-catching as her acting skills. She is skinny and weighs about 62 kg. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. Because she is so beautiful, especially among young people, her blue eyes and blonde hair make her stand out. Fans like her because she is pretty and looks like a doll. These traits make her more believable on screen, making her roles more important.

Meredith Hagner bio

People find Hagner beautiful because she has big, pretty eyes and long, silky hair that has become a part of her signature look. Her fitness routine keeps her in good shape, essential for all her jobs. She takes great care of her appearance not only for her job but also because she cares about health and fitness in general.

Height5 feet 4 inches (162.56 cm)
Weight62 kg (136 lbs)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Body TypeSlender
Fitness RegimeRegular and Rigorous
Signature LookBig Eyes and Silky Hair
Fitness FocusHealth and Wellness
Physical AppealDoll-Like Appearance
Style QuotientHigh

Meredith Hagner Career Information

Meredith Hagner’s career shows how good she is at acting and how well she can play different roles. From soap operas to major roles in TV shows and movies, her rise to fame shows how much she has grown as an actress. You may know her from roles in “As the World Turns,” “Royal Pains,” “Search Party,” “Ingrid Goes West,” “Palm Springs,” and other shows. Hagner’s comedic roles stand out because they show her great timing and facial expressions.

Meredith Hagner career

Hagner’s desire to try out different roles has allowed her to show a range of emotions and personalities, strengthening her position in the industry. The fact that she is active on social media sites like Instagram has also helped her become famous by giving her fans a look into her life and work. Because of this, she’s become more than just an actress; she’s a personable character who opens up about her work and personal life.

Early RolesSoap Operas
Notable TV Shows“Search Party,” “Royal Pains”
Notable FilmsIngrid Goes West,” “Palm Springs”
Comedic TalentKnown for Humorous Performances
Role DiversityCommitted to Versatile Characters
Social MediaActive on Instagram
FollowersOver 75K
Behind-the-Scenes PostsRegularly Shares
Additional Appearances“The Oath,” “The Hater,” “Joy Ride”
Unique Acting ApproachCreative Thinker with a Positive Attitude

Meredith Hagner Net Worth Information

Meredith Hagner’s net worth shows how well her acting career has gone. The exact amounts are not made public, but the fact that she is in many TV shows, movies, and commercials suggests she makes a good living. The commercials she’s been in for brands like 3M, Acuvue, and JCPenney, among others, have also helped her finances.

Hagner makes money from more than just acting. She is also an active model on social media, adding to her wealth. She is brilliant at business because she can use her fame and talent in various ways. Her net worth has grown over the years, which shows how hard she works and how much she cares about her job.

Estimated Net WorthNot Publicly Disclosed
Income SourcesActing, Modeling, Social Media
Commercial Work3M, Acuvue, JCPenney
Social Media InfluenceInstagram with 75K+ followers
Additional Revenue StreamsAdvertising Campaigns
Financial GrowthSteady Increase over Years
Business AcumenHigh
Diverse Income SourcesActing, Commercials, Modeling
Financial ManagementEffective
Wealth StatusSubstantial

10 Interesting Facts About Meredith Hagner

  1. Meredith’s acting career began with soap operant roles, showcasing her early talents.
  2. She has a growing Instagram presence with over 75,000 followers.
  3. Meredith is known for her diverse roles and commitment to exploring her capabilities.
  4. Her role in “Ingrid Goes West” was particularly well-received.
  5. She has a background in modeling, appearing in various advertisements.
  6. Hagner’s comedic roles are celebrated for her timing and expressions.
  7. She has been involved in charitable causes focusing on animal welfare, mental health, and cancer research.
  8. Apart from acting, Meredith is passionate about music, singing, and playing musical instruments.
  9. She starred in the Netflix series “Hit and Run” alongside her husband, Wyatt Russell.
  10. Meredith’s ability to adapt to different genres showcases her versatility as an actress.


Meredith Hagner’s path in the entertainment world is a mix of talent, hard work, and being able to do many things. Many people are inspired by her career path, which started with soap operas and ended with her becoming a famous actress. She is well-liked in the acting world because she is dedicated to playing various roles and can easily switch between them. Her fans can get to know her better through social media, especially Instagram, which lets them see the natural person behind the characters she plays.

The fact that Hagner is involved in charitable work and loves music shows her complexity. Her personal and professional growth shows how hard she works and how dedicated she is. Meredith Hagner will continue to be a major figure in the entertainment industry as her career grows. Her talent and charm will continue to captivate audiences.

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