Kirk Douglas Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Kirk Douglas Wiki: Kirk Douglas was an actor and director who was known all over the world. His life story was interesting, and many people find it inspiring. Issur Danielovitch was born in Amsterdam, New York, on December 9, 1916. His family was from Chavusy, Mogilev Governorate, now in Belarus. He was the only boy born to Bryna “Bertha” and Herschel “Harry” Danielovitch.

They had six girls. Douglas had a brutal youth because he was poor and his father had alcoholism. But the problems he had as a child made him want to get away from them and make something of himself. His school performance of “The Red Robin of Spring” made him want to act, which led to his long and successful career in movies.

Kirk Douglas Wiki, Bio

Douglas attended Amsterdam High School and got his bachelor’s degree from St. Lawrence University in 1939. He got a special scholarship at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, where he showed off his playing skills. During this time, he dated Lauren Bacall, whose real name was Betty Joan Perske, and Diana Dill, who would later become his first wife. His story is inspiring, from being from a low-income family to becoming a Hollywood star.

Kirk Douglas Wiki/Bio

Kirk Douglas Wiki and BiographyDetails
Full NameKirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch)
Birth DateDecember 9, 1916
Birth PlaceAmsterdam, New York
ParentsBryna “Bertha” and Herschel “Harry” Danielovitch
High SchoolAmsterdam High School
UniversitySt. Lawrence University
Acting SchoolAmerican Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City
Marital StatusMarried twice, last wife, Anne Buydens
Death DateFebruary 5, 2020
EthnicityBelarusian Jewish descent

Kirk Douglas Height, Weight, and More

Kirk Douglas was a sight to see on screen, with his charismatic personality and lively way of playing. He was 5 feet 9 inches tall and had a great body that he kept up throughout his career. His chiseled features, especially his dimpled chin, made him one of the most familiar faces of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Douglas was always sure that it was essential to be fit and healthy. Even as he got older, he was still swamped, which was clear from the way he looked. Aside from his height and build, his blue eyes and hair, which went from dark brown to silver over time, added to his charm on-screen. He was one of Hollywood’s most loved actors because of how good he looked and how well he could play.

Kirk Douglas Height, Weight, and MoreDetails
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters)
Weight75 kg (165 pounds)
Hair ColorDark brown, later silver
Eye ColorBlue
Distinguishing FeaturesDimpled chin
HealthSurvived a helicopter crash and a stroke

Kirk Douglas Career Information

Douglas made his first movie, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, with Barbara Stanwyck in 1946. He quickly became one of the most famous movie stars of the 1950s. In 1949, he got his first nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his part as a shady boxing hero in Champion. This role made him a big star around the world. For his roles in The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) and Lust for Life (1956), he was nominated for an Oscar.

Kirk Douglas

Douglas produced and acted in movies like Paths of Glory (1957) and Spartacus (1960), and he was praised for helping to end the Hollywood blacklist. He kept playing into the 1980s and made cameos on TV shows. He wrote ten books and autobiographies. He got the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Academy Honorary Award for Lifetime Achievement for his movie work.

Kirk Douglas Career InformationDetails
Career Start1946
First FilmThe Strange Love of Martha Ivers
Academy Award Nominations3
Famous RolesChampion (1949), Spartacus (1960), Lust for Life (1956)
Television AppearancesIncluding Touched by an Angel in 2002
Books Written10 novels and memoirs
AwardsAcademy Honorary Award for Lifetime Achievement, Presidential Medal of Freedom

Kirk Douglas Net Worth Information

Even though he started poor, Kirk Douglas made money through his work. When he died in 2020, he was considered worth about $60 million. His playing career, which lasted over 60 years, was his primary source of income, but he also made money from his production company, Bryna Productions, and the books he wrote.

Douglas was generous, and he and his wife Anne gave money to many causes. For example, they helped rebuild parks in Los Angeles and set up the Anne Douglas Center for Women. His huge net worth shows how hard he worked and how much he cared about what he did.

Kirk Douglas Net Worth InformationDetails
Net Worth at Time of Death$60 million
Primary Income SourcesActing, producing, writing
Secondary Income SourcesInvestments
Known PhilanthropyDonated to various causes, including rebuilding playgrounds and establishing the Anne Douglas Center for Women

Ten Interesting Facts About Kirk Douglas

  1. Kirk Douglas was the only son in a family of seven children.
  2. He worked over forty jobs during his youth before becoming an actor.
  3. He was a standout on the wrestling team at St. Lawrence University.
  4. He was a classmate of Lauren Bacall at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
  5. He received three Oscar nominations but never won, eventually receiving an honorary award.
  6. Douglas survived a helicopter crash and a stroke in his later life.
  7. He was married to his second wife, Anne Buydens, for 65 years until his death.
  8. He helped to break the Hollywood blacklist by giving Dalton Trumbo official on-screen credit for Spartacus.
  9. Douglas turned the Broadway play One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest into an Oscar-winning film produced by his son, Michael Douglas.
  10. At the time of his death, he was one of the last surviving stars of the film industry’s Golden Age.


Kirk Douglas’s life and work perfectly exemplify a “poor boy makes good” story. He is known not only as a talented actor and director but also as a person with a lot of strength and dedication. Douglas came from a low-income family but overcame that to become a big Hollywood star. His memorable parts and powerful performances will be remembered for a long time.

Breaking the Hollywood blacklist was an essential and powerful thing he did for the movie business. He also used his success to help others through charitable work, showing even more about his great character. Kirk Douglas’s fantastic life story inspires people worldwide, and his contributions to movies and society will be remembered for a long time.

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