Kathleen Turner Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Kathleen Turner Wiki: Kathleen Turner is a well-known name in Hollywood. She has had a fantastic journey that combines ability, determination, and strength. This piece attempts to give a complete picture of this well-known actress, including her personal and professional life, physical traits, and financial achievements. Kathleen Turner’s life is an exciting story of Hollywood’s golden age, from the influential roles she played on screen to the exciting things she did and saw in real life.

Kathleen Turner was born to Patsy and Allen Richard Turner on June 19, 1954, in Springfield, Missouri. Kathleen grew up in a strict Christian home, and at first, her parents were unsure about her desire to be an actress. However, she didn’t give up and had a career in movies, TV, and theater. Because her father worked for the Foreign Service, she spent parts of her childhood in Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, and London.

Kathleen Turner Wiki, Bio

Kathleen Turner Wiki/Bio

Kathleen married businessman Jay Weiss in 1984. They have a daughter named Rachel Ann Weiss. They split in 2007, but they are still good friends. Kathleen’s journey and adventures have given her a unique and attractive personality. Her life story shows her strength and determination, making her a well-known Hollywood figure.

Personal InformationDetails
NameKathleen Turner
Date of BirthJune 19, 1954
Place of BirthSpringfield, Missouri, U.S.
EducationBachelor of Fine Arts degree, 1977, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
SpouseJay Weiss (m. 1984 – div. 2007)
ChildrenRachel Ann Weiss (born October 14, 1987)
ParentsPatsy and Allen Richard Turner
SiblingsOne sister (Susan), two brothers
Language KnownEnglish, Spanish
Favorite Book“The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald
HobbiesReading, Traveling, Teaching Acting

Kathleen Turner Height, Weight, and More

Kathleen Turner‘s physical traits are another exciting thing to learn about this well-known actor. Turner has won over people worldwide with her unique blend of beauty, skill, and charisma. She is known for her striking looks and unique voice.

Kathleen Turner stands 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall. She is known for her beautiful singing and charming personality. Even though she has health problems like rheumatoid arthritis, she has managed to live and look healthy. Her blue eyes and raspy voice have made her a lasting image of Hollywood glamour.

Kathleen Turner’s success is an inspiring story of hard work, talent, and being able to do many different things. From her start in the late 1970s to her work in the 21st century, she has done job in film, TV, and theater. This shows how well she can switch between different parts and genres.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters)
Weight64 kg (approx.)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Distinctive FeatureRaspy voice
Fitness RoutineRegular Exercise, Healthy Diet
Favorite FoodItalian Cuisine
Favorite DrinkWine

Kathleen Turner Career Information

Turner started acting in the late 1970s, and her parts in hit movies like “Body Heat” (1981), “Romancing the Stone” (1984), and “Prizzi’s Honor” (1985) brought her a lot of attention quickly. Her unique voice has gotten her voice acting jobs in famous movies and TV shows like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (1988), “The Simpsons,” and “Family Guy.” Several awards, including two Golden Globes, have been given to her because she is talented.

Kathleen Turner

Kathleen Turner has had a successful job for over 40 years, and her financial journey is just as enjoyable. Even though she had problems with her family and health, she never stopped working at her skill. This led to a lot of money.

Career InformationDetails
Active Years1977 – Present
Notable Work“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”
AwardsTwo Golden Globe Awards
Voice Roles“Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” “The Simpsons,” “Family Guy”
Broadway Roles“Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”
Teaching ExperienceActing classes at New York University

Kathleen Turner Net Worth Information

Turner’s long work, including roles in movies, TV shows, and plays, has added much to her net worth. But her money doesn’t just come from being an actress. She also taught acting at New York University, another way for her to make money. Turner’s net worth shows how successful and long-lasting her work has been, even though she has had personal problems like rheumatoid arthritis and alcoholism.

Ultimately, Kathleen Turner’s life and work are powerful stories of how she overcame obstacles and kept going. Even though she had problems at home and work, she built a successful and long-lasting job in Hollywood, making her one of the most famous people in the business. People worldwide who want to be artists look up to her for her unique skills, distinctive voice, and unwavering determination.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Net Worth (approx.)$20 million
Income SourceActing, Voice-over roles, Teaching
Real Estate PropertiesProperties in NewYork City
BrandSeveral Brands
InvestmentsDiversified investment portfolio
Luxury CarsOwn several luxury cars
HobbiesReading, Traveling
He owns several luxury carsBattling rheumatoid arthritis

10 Interesting Facts about Kathleen Turner

  1. Kathleen Turner is multilingual and speaks Spanish fluently.
  2. She is known for her distinctive husky voice.
  3. She was once referred to as the “female William Holden.”
  4. Turner is a political activist and serves as a chairperson for Planned Parenthood.
  5. She battled rheumatoid arthritis for many years.
  6. Despite her parents’ initial disapproval, Turner pursued her passion for acting.
  7. She taught acting classes at New York University.
  8. She had an international upbringing, having lived in Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, and London.
  9. Turner made her Broadway debut in 1977.
  10. Despite her successful acting career, Turner has faced challenges due to her reputation for being difficult.


With her fantastic career, Kathleen Turner is a true tour-de-force of ability, charm, and strength. She has always shown versatility by playing different parts in movies, TV shows, and plays. She dealt with problems in her personal and work life with strength and grace. From growing up in a strict Christian family to becoming an artist who is known all over the world, her story is nothing short of inspiring. Because of her work in the arts and her dedication to causes she cares about, she is a well-known figure in the entertainment business.

Turner’s determination in the face of physical problems is also awe-inspiring. Even though rheumatoid arthritis made it hard for her to move, she kept performing and mesmerizing crowds. This makes her not only a great artist but also a truly remarkable person. She is also honest about her fight with alcoholism, which shows that very successful people can have problems. This part of her life shows how strong people can be and how important it is to ask for help when needed.

Kathleen Turner’s life shows that passion, hard work, and dedication to your job are more important than looks and money when it comes to success. Her journey shows how talented and determined she is. These qualities have helped her leave a long mark on the entertainment world. As long as she keeps working in the business, there’s no doubt that her story will inspire many more generations of performers.

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