Justine Mattera Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Justine Mattera Wiki: Justine Mattera is a famous person born in Queens, New York City. She has made a big difference in the acting, modeling, and cycling worlds. Her journey, which began on May 7, 1971, shows her passion and determination. The subject, an American citizen born under the Taurus star sign, has inspired many. She attended school in Italy as a child and then graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Italian literature. In 1991, she started in the entertainment business with the TV show “The Teacher,” where she played Holly Moore.

This was the start of her journey to becoming well-known. Mattera’s charm isn’t just on the big screen. Her use of social media, especially Instagram, shows she is good at posting about fashion and everyday life. She often shares modeling photos and videos with her over 596K followers, showing her stylishness and how much she loves working out.

Justine Mattera Wiki

Justine Mattera Wiki and Biography

The entertainment industry wants to hire her because of how she looks and how interesting she is. Justine Mattera’s life story is about her professional successes and how hard she worked at things she loved, like dancing and cycling. She is talented, beautiful, and determined all at the same time.

Full NameJustine Mattera
Date of BirthMay 7, 1971
Place of BirthQueens, New York City, USA
Zodiac SignTaurus
EducationGraduated in Italian Literature, Stanford University
Start of Acting Career1991
First TV SeriesThe Teacher
Instagram Followers596K+
HobbiesCycling, Dancing
Social Media PresenceStrong on Instagram
Early SchoolingLocal high school in Italy
Role in ‘The Teacher’Holly Moore
Fashion and Lifestyle InfluenceNotable on Instagram
Fitness EnthusiastYes
Popular forActing, Modeling, Cycling
Social Media PlatformInstagram

You can learn much from Mattera’s story about how hard work and dedication can lead to success. It’s amazing how she went from having a degree in Italian literature to becoming a famous actress and model. One thing that makes her stand out is that she can connect with her fans both on and off-screen. Her life shows how complex she is, from her early years in the Italian school system to her rise to fame as a social media influencer.

Justine Mattera Height, Weight, and More

Justine Mattera’s looks are just as unique as her job. Her slim build, which goes well with her modeling and acting careers, makes her 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 55 kg. She looks stunning, and her blonde hair and blue eyes make her stand out in any crowd. Her big, beautiful eyes and long, smooth hair don’t just look; they show how lively she is. Not only is she pretty on the outside, but her style and grace make her even more attractive.

Justine Mattera bio

The way Mattera looks shows that she pays attention to her fitness. She finds a balance between her work and fitness goals because she is very into fitness. Her lifestyle, which includes regular cycling and dancing, helps her stay fit and quick, shows her dedication. She doesn’t just dress and pose like a model to look good; she does it to feel solid and confident. Subjecta’s looks are a mix of natural beauty and a well-kept body.

Height5′ 7” inches (170 cm)
Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Unique FeaturesBig, Appealing Eyes
Hair LengthLong
Fitness RoutineIncludes Cycling and Dancing
Fashion SenseStylish and Modern
Modeling PosesDiverse and Expressive
Lifestyle PreferenceFitness and Fashion Oriented
Health ConsciousnessHigh

Her fashion choices, fitness routines, and way of life all show who she is and how she does her job. She is a model, actress, and role model for caring for yourself and living a healthy life. She sticks to the rules regarding fitness and fashion but also sets her standards for style and health.

Justine Mattera Career Information

Justine Mattera has had a lot of different roles and accomplishments in her career. Since her TV debut in “The Teacher” in 1991, she has been in many movies and TV shows, showing her versatility as an actress. Mattera’s role as Sugar in the 2007 movie “Go Go Tales” was a big deal that made her famous worldwide. Some of the films she’s been in are “Good Food,” “Utility Fog,” “Golden Hays,” “Se lo fai sono guai,” “Submerged,” and “Good Coffee.” Her roles in “I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone” and “The Teacher” on TV stood out.

Justine Mattera career

The first time I saw her was in the Italian version of “Victor Victoria” in 2003, and her performance in “Singin’ in the Rain” in 2005 was one of the best I’ve ever seen. These parts showed how good an actress she was, how flexible, and how dedicated she was to her craft. Mattera is an actress and works with brands and celebrities to promote their products, which shows how versatile and vital she is in today’s entertainment industry.

DetailsCareer Highlights
First Acting RoleHolly Moore in “The Teacher”
Breakthrough RoleSugar in “Go Go Tales” (2007)
Notable Films“Good Food,” “Utility Fog,” “Alta Infedelta”
Television Appearances“I Bastardi di Pizzofalcone,” “The Teacher”
Stage Performances“Victor Victoria” (2003), “Singin’ in the Rain” (2005)
Brand EndorsementsMultiple
Influencer CollaborationsVarious
Acting RangeDiverse, Versatile
Social Media InfluenceHigh
Modeling CareerExtensive
Professional CyclistYes
Acting Since1991

Mattera’s career shows her versatility and ability to fit into different roles and mediums. Her success in movies and TV shows and her great stage performances show her dedication to her job. Her strong social media presence and role as a fashion and fitness icon show that her influence goes beyond the screen.

Justine Mattera Net Worth Information

Justine Mattera’s net worth comes from her successful career as an actress, model, and cyclist. She makes massive money from working on media projects, endorsing brands, and collaborating with others. The exact amount of her net worth is unknown to the public, but it’s clear that her steady work in the entertainment industry and massive popularity on social media have made her a lot of money.

Her financial success comes from the money she makes and the fact that she can find different ways to make money. Mattera has a lot of money thanks to her roles in movies and TV shows, her presence on social media, and the products she promotes. Her rise from a Stanford graduate to a famous person with many skills shows how having many different skills can make you money.

Justine Mattera Net Worth Information

DetailsFinancial Aspects
Acting IncomeSubstantial
Modeling EarningsSignificant
Brand EndorsementsLucrative
Social Media RevenueConsiderable
Cycling Related IncomeNotable
Filmography EarningsImpressive
Television Show IncomeExtensive
Stage Performance FeesConsiderable
Influencer CollaborationsProfitable
Financial DiversificationWell-Managed
Revenue from MagazinesSubstantial
Appearance FeesLucrative

Justine Mattera’s financial success shows how hard she works and how talented she is. Her many ways of making money show how versatile her career is and how well she can use her skills and fame to make money. Many people are motivated by her story, which shows that passion and hard work can pay off in the form of financial and personal success. Mattera’s path from actor to social media influencer to professional cyclist can be an example for artists-to-be, showing how different skills can work together to make a successful career.

10 Interesting Facts About Justine Mattera

  1. Multilingual Abilities: Fluent in English and Italian, showcasing her versatile communication skills.
  2. Stage Adaptability: Successfully transitioned from screen to stage, demonstrating her dynamic acting range.
  3. Social Media Savvy: Mastered the art of engaging with fans on Instagram, making her a digital era icon.
  4. Fitness Advocate: Regularly shares her fitness routines, inspiring her followers to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Fashion Trendsetter: Known for her unique fashion sense, influencing trends on and off-screen.
  6. Cycling Enthusiast: Her passion for cycling is not just a hobby but a part of her identity.
  7. Education Advocate: Emphasizes the importance of education, having pursued higher studies at Stanford University.
  8. Versatile Model: Her modeling career spans various genres, showcasing her adaptability in the fashion industry.
  9. Charismatic Personality: Known for her charming personality, which has won worldwide fans.
  10. Philanthropic Interests: Actively involved in various charitable causes, using her fame for social good.


Justine Mattera’s story is an exciting mix of talent, hard work, and adaptability. From her early years in Italy to her rise to fame as an actress, model, and cyclist, her career path shows how she never gave up on the things she loved. Mattera is an icon today because she can easily switch between different types of entertainment and is very active on social media. Her beautiful blue eyes and blonde hair make her even more attractive, but her skills, personality, and dedication make her unique.

Mattera’s story inspires because it shows that anyone can reach heights in multiple areas with talent, hard work, and persistence. Her influence goes beyond the screen; she motivates her fans to get in shape, love fashion, and do things important to them. Justine Mattera is more than just a famous person. She’s a source of inspiration for aspiring artists and a role model for people who want to leave their mark on the world.

Mattera breaks the mold by having multiple successful careers at the same time. Most celebrities only work in one area. Her life and work show that you can achieve anything if you work hard and are passionate about something. Justine Mattera is a remarkable figure in modern culture. She is powerful and inspiring, whether on screen, on stage, on a cycling track, or social media.

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