Jhanak 9th June 2024 Written Update: Anirudhha says he will arrange an engagement ceremony between Jhanak and Rahul.

Jhanak 9th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, there is a romantic scene between Anirudhha and Jhanak. Anirudhha sits beside Jhanak as she sleeps in bed, staring at her without blinking. He dreams about their future together and imagines a happy life with her. When he realizes what he’s thinking, he feels embarrassed. Suddenly, Jhanak wakes up.

Anirudhha asks Jhanak to eat something since she has a high fever. Jhanak is amazed by Anirudhha’s gentle and caring attitude. She realizes how lucky Arshi will be to have Anirudhha in her life. Anirudhha starts feeding Jhanak with his hands, and Jhanak feels cared for and important when she is with him.

Jhanak 9th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 9th June 2024 Written Update

Srishti comes to the Bose house with the news that Anirudhha has gone to Kashmir to stop Jhanak’s marriage. Anirudhha’s parents feel embarrassed and speechless when they hear this. They apologize to Arshi and her family for Anirudhha’s behaviour. Shubho doesn’t want the marriage to break because of an outsider and asks Arshi to wait a few more days. He believes that if Anirudhha marries her, everything will be fine. Srishti suggests they go to Kashmir as soon as possible.

Arshi wants to confront her fiancé. Srishti has a different plan to punish both Anirudhha and Jhanak. She wants to move up the date of Anirudhha’s marriage and arrange the ceremony at the same temple where Anirudhha and Jhanak married. They decide not to inform the other family members, so they can’t warn Anirudhha. Srishti also says that if Anirudhha cancels this marriage, Arshi will also call off their engagement.

Chhoton overhears their conversation and learns about Srishti’s plan. He hides so no one knows he heard them. As soon as they leave the house, Chhoton calls Anirudhha to inform him about the plan and asks him to be careful. Anirudhha says he will arrange an engagement ceremony between Jhanak and Rahul.

Anirudhha takes care of Jhanak when she feels very weak and exhausted. She falls asleep quickly, and Anirudhha sits beside her, helping her sleep peacefully. The next day, Anirudhha meets Rahul in a cafe and asks if he loves Jhanak. Rahul confesses that he loves Jhanak deeply. Anirudhha promises to arrange everything for their future together.

Precap: Arshi plans to move up her marriage and invites Jhanak to her wedding.

Jhanak 9th June 2024 Episode Review

In this episode, Anirudhha and Jhanak’s romantic bond deepens as Anirudhha tenderly cares for her during her illness. His gentle nature amazes Jhanak, making her feel cherished. Meanwhile, Srishti’s scheme to expedite Anirudhha and Arshi’s wedding intensifies the drama. Anirudhha’s parents are embarrassed by his actions, while Chhoton secretly warns Anirudhha about the plot.

Anirudhha meets Rahul, who confirms his love for Jhanak and promises to support their future. The episode balances emotional depth and intrigue, leaving viewers eager for the next twist, as Arshi plans to confront Anirudhha and expedite their marriage.

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