Jhanak 7th June 2024 Written Update: Jhanak reveals that Tejas has forced her to marry him.

Jhanak 7th June 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anirudh confronts Jhanak. He wants to know if Jhanak is willing to marry Tejas. He feels frustrated because Jhanak has upset him by accepting Tejas’s marriage proposal. Remembering Tejas’s threats, Jhanak hides the truth from Anirudh and asks him to stay away from her. But Anirudh doesn’t give up easily. He asks Jhanak again if she is marrying Tejas by her own choice.

Tejas pulls out his gun to threaten Anirudh. Scared by the situation, Jhanak asks Anirudh to leave, but Anirudh begs her to tell the truth. Jhanak decides not to betray Anirudh, who has saved her life many times. Confused and scared, Jhanak reveals that Tejas forced her to marry him. He kidnapped her from the railway station and made her marry him.

Jhanak 7th June 2024 Written Update

Jhanak 7th June 2024 Written Update

Tejas gets angry and points his gun at Anirudh, threatening to kill him if Jhanak doesn’t marry him. Anirudh tries to protect Jhanak. Jhanak also says she won’t let Tejas harm Anirudh. Jhanak tells everything about how Tejas forced her to accept his proposal and threatened to kill Anirudh. She also says Tejas’s team fooled her by pretending to be the police. Because of Tejas’s threats, she agreed to marry him.

Anirudh asks the media to record Jhanak’s statement so Tejas can’t fool anyone else. The police assure him that Tejas can’t force her to marry him. Bharat tries to fix the situation and says Tejas didn’t force Jhanak to marry him. With the help of a police officer, Tejas tries to grab Jhanak’s hand. But Anirudh and the sub-inspector stop him.

Anirudh assured us that he would handle the situation. He says that if Tejas’s actions are made public and a defamation case is filed, Tejas won’t be able to stand in the election. Finally, overcoming all the obstacles, Anirudh takes Jhanak with him.

Jhanak 7th June 2024 Episode Review

In this intense episode, Anirudh confronts Jhanak about her marriage to Tejas, suspecting coercion. Despite Tejas’s threats and pulling a gun, Jhanak bravely reveals that she was forced into the marriage, having been kidnapped and threatened. Anirudh, determined to protect Jhanak, enlists the media and police to expose Tejas’s deceit.

With the police intervening, Tejas’s plans unravel, and Anirudh vows to ensure justice. The episode is a gripping tale of courage and truth, highlighting Anirudh’s unwavering support and Jhanak’s strength in facing adversity. Their united front against Tejas’s tyranny makes for a compelling and emotional watch.

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