Jennifer Lawrence Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Jennifer Lawrence Wiki: Jennifer Lawrence is a well-known American actor known for her charisma and ability to play many roles. She was born on August 15, 1990, in Indian Hills, Kentucky. When she was young, she began playing. She became interested in the craft, and ever since then, she has devoted her life to it. Her childhood was very different, and even though she was hyperactive and had social anxiety, acting gave her peace and a sense of success.

Gary and Karen, her parents, helped her grow up tough and strong. Her mother was in charge of a summer camp, and her father owned a building company, so she had a lot of different experiences. She was raised to be tough like her brothers Ben and Blaine, which may have helped her deal with the stress of Hollywood in her adult life. At nine, she played a prostitute in a church play based on the Book of Jonah. This is an interesting fact.

Jennifer Lawrence Wiki, Bio

Jennifer Lawrence Wiki/Bio

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameJennifer Shrader Lawrence
Date of BirthAugust 15, 1990
Birth PlaceIndian Hills, Kentucky, USA
ParentsGary Lawrence (Father), Karen Lawrence (Mother)
SiblingsBen Lawrence (Brother), Blaine Lawrence (Brother)
EducationSelf-educated (Dropped out of school at age 14)
First Acting RolePlayed a prostitute in a church play at age 9
Marital StatusMarried to Cooke Maroney (2019-Present)
ChildrenOne son (Born February 2022)
Known ForActing
Active Years2006-Present
HobbiesHorseback riding
Founder OfJennifer Lawrence Foundation, Excellent Cadaver (Production Company)

Jennifer Lawrence Height, Weight, and More

Lawrence is about average height for a woman and has a fit body, which she has used to her advantage in many of her movie parts. She has a lively attitude, and how she looks and moves have helped her become a star in many action movies. Early on, she played sports like cheerleading, softball, field hockey, and basketball, which gave her the athletic body she needed for parts like Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games series.

Even though she broke her tailbone as a child in a horseback riding accident, Lawrence has shown that she is solid. She has played physically demanding roles using her strength and speed. She is also a favorite on the red carpet because of her natural beauty and unique traits.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height1.75 meters (5 feet 9 inches)
Weight63 kg (139 pounds)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Distinctive FeaturesHigh cheekbones, husky voice
Sports BackgroundCheerleading, softball, field hockey, basketball
InjuryInjured tailbone from a horseback riding accident

Jennifer Lawrence Career Information

Jennifer Lawrence’s work in Hollywood has been full of ups and downs, both good and bad. She got her start as a teenager doing guest spots on TV. She quickly rose to fame by acting in independent films and action movie series. Her big break came with the 2010 independent movie Winter’s Bone, in which she played a poor girl. This part won her critics’ praise and showed she was a talented newcomer.

Jennifer Lawrence

Her work with director David O. Russell won her many awards, including an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in the 2012 movie Silver Linings Playbook. Lawrence also became a world star by playing the mutant Mystique in the X-Men movie series (2011–2019) and Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games (2012–2015). This made her the highest-grossing action heroine. Even though the media has criticized Lawrence for her chosen roles, she has continued to push the limits and grow as an actor.

Career InformationDetails
DebutGarden Party (2008)
Breakthrough RoleWinter’s Bone (2010)
Known ForThe Hunger Games Series, X-Men Series
AwardsAcademy Award for Best Actress (Silver Linings Playbook, 2012), Golden Globe Awards
CollaborationsDavid O. Russell (Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle, Joy)
Production CompanyExcellent Cadaver (Founded in 2018)
Recent WorksDon’t Look Up (2021), Causeway (2022), No Hard Feelings (2023)
Critical ReceptionMixed reviews for recent films, scrutiny of role choices
ComebackReturned with the film Don’t Look Up (2021) after a break

Jennifer Lawrence Net Worth Information

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, and throughout her work, she has made a lot of money. Her net worth shows how hard she has worked and how talented and successful she is. It’s said that in 2015 and 2016, she was the highest-paid actor in the world, which is a big deal. Her movies have made more than $6 billion worldwide, which shows how famous she is everywhere.

Lawrence’s other source of income is the production business she started in 2018 called Excellent Cadaver. She also makes money through endorsements and agreements with well-known brands. Lawrence is known for helping others, even though she has a lot of money. 2015, she established the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Special Olympics.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Net Worth$130 million
Income SourceActing, Producing
Highest Grossing FilmsThe Hunger Games series, X-Men series
EndorsementsDior, others
Production CompanyExcellent Cadaver
CharityJennifer Lawrence Foundation
AdvocacyBoys & Girls Clubs of America, Special Olympics
Paid Actor RankThe Highest-paid actress in 2015 and 2016
Home LocationsLower Manhattan, New York City, and Beverly Hills, California
Estimated EarningsEarned $46 million in 2016 alone

Ten Interesting Facts about Jennifer Lawrence

  1. Jennifer Lawrence was the highest-paid actress in the world in 2015 and 2016.
  2. Despite being a household name, Lawrence has a reputation for being down-to-earth and approachable, often engaging in self-deprecating humor during interviews.
  3. Lawrence received her first acting assignment at age nine, where she played a prostitute in a church play based on the Book of Jonah.
  4. She was discovered by a talent scout at 14 while on a family vacation in New York City.
  5. Lawrence has no formal acting training; she considers herself “self-educated” in the craft.
  6. She dropped out of school at age 14 to pursue her acting career and has said that her career was her priority.
  7. She is a staunch feminist and advocates for women’s reproductive rights.
  8. Lawrence had an injured tailbone from a horse-riding incident as a child.
  9. She is an active member of the nonpartisan nonprofit anti-corruption organization RepresentUs.
  10. Despite her successful film career, Lawrence has continued to act in television roles, most notably in the TBS sitcom “The Bill Engvall Show.”


Jennifer Lawrence has had a significant effect on Hollywood and cinema worldwide. She is a well-liked actress with a down-to-earth personality. Her business journey has been fantastic, from her early days on TV to her later roles in some of the highest-grossing movies ever.

Her desire to become a famous actress at such a young age and her dedication to her craft show how talented and driven she is. Even though she had problems, like not having a formal education and dropping out of school early, she kept going and used her natural talents to make shows that people worldwide still remember.

Lawrence has made a lot of progress in her acting job, and she has also used her fame to talk about things that are important to her, like women’s rights and corruption. Her commitment to these causes and her advocacy work show that she wants to make a change both on and off-screen.

When we think about Jennifer Lawrence’s life and work, we can’t help but be impressed by how hard she has worked and how talented she is. Even though she has had problems in her personal and professional life, she has shown over and over again that success is possible with hard work, determination, and a love for what you do. Because of these traits, Jennifer Lawrence is a great actor and a role model for many people.

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