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Greice Santo Wiki: Greice Santo is a beautiful star in the entertainment field. She is from Brazil, a lively country. She was born under the sign of Gemini on June 6, 1992, and has become a Hollywood icon for being able to do many things well and being charming. Griece had a deep love for the arts from a very young age, and this showed in the creative things she did. This Brazilian beauty, known for having a captivating personality and stunning good looks, started her schooling in Brazil and finished high school and college there.

Santo did not become famous in a straight line. She first became famous in the fashion world as a model, appearing on the covers of high-class magazines like the famous Viva Glam. When she started acting, it was the start of a new part of her life that made her famous in Hollywood. Many people who want to be actors or models can relate to Greice’s story because it shows her dedication to following her dreams.

Greice Santo Wiki

Greice Santo Wiki and Biography

Full NameGreice Santo
Date of BirthJune 6, 1992
Zodiac SignGemini
Age31 (as of 2023)
Early SchoolingLocal high school in Brazil
UniversityLocal university in Brazil
Career StartModeling
Acting DebutNew Girl (2012)
Notable RolesJane the Virgin, Wild Card
YouTube ChannelGreice Santo
Instagram Followers58.3k+
YouTube Subscribers1.17k
Marital StatusMarried to R.J. Cipriani
First Magazine CoverViva Glam
First TV AppearanceOne Day at a Time (2019)
Latest ProjectSerenata De Las Estrellas
Known ForActing, Modelling
HobbiesFashion, Music

Greice Santo’s journey from Brazil to the front row in Hollywood is the perfect example of someone who follows their dreams. Her story is one of determination, showing how she went from being a high school student in Brazil to becoming a famous actress and model worldwide. The change from modeling to acting was a turning point in her career and made her a versatile artist. Hit TV shows like “Jane the Virgin” and “Wild Card” have given Santo great acting opportunities and shown that she can connect with a wide range of viewers.

The fact that she is active on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube shows her influence and popularity. With a growing fan base, she keeps wowing people with her unique mix of talent, style, and charm. Being married to R.J. Cipriani gives Greice’s life a new dimension, perfectly blending her personal and professional lives. Her dedication to her career and fans is shown by how often she interacts with them on different platforms.

Greice Santo Height, Weight, and More

Greice Santo is impressive not only because of her work but also because of her beauty. Her pretty 5 feet 8-inch height goes well with her slim body, making her stand out in any crowd. She stays slim despite weighing about 56 kg, which shows how much she loves working out. Her black hair and eyes make her look even more beautiful, which is why young people love her. Her style and fashion sense, seen in her clothes and how she walks the red carpet, make her even more attractive.

Greice Santo bio

Santo’s physical traits are essential to who she is and affect her roles and public image. Her height and weight aren’t just numbers; they show how much she wants to live a healthy life, which is very important in the challenging world of show business. Her always-on-trend wardrobe choices show that she has a great style and can follow different trends. Many people look up to Greice because she often walks the red carpet, which isn’t just an event and a chance to show off her style.

Height5′ 8” (173 cm)
Weight56 kg (123 lbs)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Fashion StyleTrendy and Chic
Fitness RoutineRegular and Dedicated
Favorite Outfit ChoiceElegant and Modern
Red Carpet AppearancesFrequent and Captivating
Diet PlanBalanced and Healthy

Greice Santo Career Information

Greice Santo’s career is a patchwork of different jobs and accomplishments. In 2019, her role as Ana Maria in “One Day at a Time” made a big impression and brought her a lot of attention. Blanca in “Jane the Virgin,” on the other hand, is still her most famous role. It was an unforgettable one. In 2015, her role as a cocktail waitress in “Wild Card” marked her move from modeling to acting, showing her versatility.

Greice Santo career

Santo’s career path combines talent, hard work, and never giving up on what she loves. TV shows like “Games People Play,” “The Odd Couple,” “Birds of Prey,” and “New Girl” have given her a more comprehensive range of roles and strengthened her position in the industry. In addition to acting, she is known for her work as a producer behind the camera. Working with different brands and being active on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube show how versatile her career is and how well she can connect with a wide range of people.

Acting DebutWild Card (2015)
Breakthrough RoleJane the Virgin
Notable TV SeriesOne Day at a Time, New Girl
YouTube ChannelGreice Santo
First Major RoleAna Maria in One Day at a Time
RecognitionPopular TV Actress and Producer
Industry ExperienceModeling, Acting
CollaborationsVarious Celebrities
Social Media InfluenceStrong Instagram Presence
Music VideosUploaded on YouTube Channel
Brand EndorsementsMultiple
Latest ProjectSerenata De Las Estrellas

Greice Santo Net Worth Information

Greice Santo’s exact net worth is unknown to the public, but her success in the entertainment business suggests she has a lot of money. She makes money from acting jobs, modeling jobs, brand endorsements, and YouTube channels. Along with her social media influence, her roles in major TV shows and movies have undoubtedly helped her make a lot of money. Greice Santo’s exact net worth is a secret, but her involvement in several profitable projects gives us a good idea of how much money she makes.

Her many ways of making money, including modeling, acting, social media, and YouTube, show how flexible her career and how smart she is at running a business. Greice’s financial profile is also helped by her work with different companies and endorsing their products. This shows how marketable and appealing she is.

Estimated Net WorthNot Disclosed
Primary Income SourcesActing, Modelling
Brand EndorsementsMultiple
Social Media EarningsSignificant
YouTube RevenueConsistent
TV Series EarningsSubstantial
Film ProjectsLucrative
Fashion CollaborationsNumerous

10 Interesting Facts about Greice Santo

  1. Greice began her career as a model before transitioning to acting.
  2. She is fluent in both Portuguese and English.
  3. Santo is an avid traveler and has visited numerous countries.
  4. She is actively involved in various charitable activities.
  5. Greice is a fitness enthusiast and regularly shares her routines online.
  6. She is a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoys experimenting with different cuisines.
  7. Santo has a keen interest in music and often posts music-related content.
  8. She has a natural talent for dance and often incorporates it into her performances.
  9. Greice is an animal lover and advocates for animal rights.
  10. She enjoys photography and often shares her captures on social media.


Greice Santo’s journey from a school in her home country of Brazil to the glamorous world of Hollywood is truly inspiring. Her rise from being a model to becoming a famous actress and producer shows how dedicated and flexible she is. There are a lot of people who like her because of the roles she has played in different TV shows and movies. Greice’s looks, style, and elegance make her an inspiration to many people who want to be actors and models.

She is very active on social media and talks to her fans there, which shows she knows how important digital platforms are today. Greice Santo’s story shows how important it is to work hard, follow your dreams, and not give up. Many people are still inspired by her story, which shows that anyone can reach their goals with hard work and talent, no matter where they begin.

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