Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th January 2024 Written Update: Harini tells Savi she wants to talk to Ishaan.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, the doctor tells Savi that Harini is now stable. The doctor tells Savi to look after Harini well and then leaves. Kiran comes and gives Savi some water. He says sorry to Savi for wrongly blaming her for the Chavan family’s death and Harini’s bad health. Kiran tells Savi he knows her family means a lot to her. He asks if he can stay and help with Harini’s care.

Kiran tells Savi he wants to make things right by helping Harini. He offers to give his blood to help her. Hearing this, Savi lets Kiran stay to look after Harini. Meanwhile, Ishaan and Reeva are having their Haldi ceremony. Both the Bhosle and Reeva’s families are happy and celebrating. Kiran tells Savi to take a break and freshen up, saying he will take care of Harini. Savi agrees and goes.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th January 2024 Written Update

Kiran, alone with Harini, makes sure she cannot speak. He then tells Harini his true plan. He only gave blood to change how Savi sees him. He tells Harini he is seen as a hero for saving her life. Kiran says Harini might not survive, and if she dies, he will be free from any charges. He plans to get close to Savi, as Ishaan is blamed for her family’s death, and Kiran is her only relative left.

Kiran wants to marry Savi for his reasons. He stops talking when he sees his mother and goes to her. Harini wakes up and remembers everything. She wrongly thinks Ishaan caused her family’s death. Meanwhile, Savi is praying. A flying flower lands on Savi’s and Ishaan’s shoulders.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th January 2024 Written Update

Ishaan remembers someone saying he will get married soon if a dandelion flower lands on him. He blows the flower away. Durva and Avni take photos with Ishaan. Surekha tells them they need to take Uptan to Reeva. Ishaan asks to do it himself. Surekha agrees, and Ishaan takes Uptan to Reeva.

Precap: Harini tells Savi she wants to talk to Ishaan. Savi calls Ishaan and tells him Harini wants to speak to him.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 17th January 2024 Episode Review

There is a lot of drama and suspense in this episode. The story starts with Harini’s condition being stable. There is a touching scene where Kiran apologises to Savi, showing that he has changed his mind. The contrast between Ishaan and Reeva’s happy Haldi ceremony and Kiran’s lying confession to Harini while she was unconscious adds depth and intrigue.

It’s scary how Kiran tricks people and secretly plans to marry Savi for his benefit. The episode does a great job of showing how complicated each character is, especially with the twist of Harini not understanding Ishaan. It’s an exciting episode that keeps people watching, thanks to its emotional depth and unexpected turns.

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