Everly Carganilla Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Everly Carganilla Wiki: Child actress Everly Carganilla from the United States has won the hearts of many with her excellent acting skills and sweet personality. Everly was born on June 20, 2014, and she has already made a big name in the entertainment business at a very young age. Her first role as an actress was as Baby Jane in “Jane the Virgin” when she was only one year old. This showed how talented she was right away.

Everly Carganilla’s path in the entertainment business is genuinely unique. Her biography shows how she started as an actress when she was young and how hard she worked. Even though she is young, Everly has balanced school and acting, showing her maturity beyond her years. Her versatility as an actress is apparent because she can play various roles in science fiction, horror, action, and drama.

Everly Carganilla Wiki

Everly Carganilla Wiki and Biography

Full NameEverly Carganilla
Date of BirthJune 20, 2014
Age9 years (as of 2023)
Zodiac SignTaurus
EducationNewbury Park High School, USA
ParentsPaul and Jamie Carganilla
SiblingNoah Carganilla
Early Breakout RoleBaby Jane in “Jane the Virgin”
Notable Projects“The Haunted Man”, “Yes Day”
Social Media PresenceOver 11K Followers on Instagram
Known forActing, Modelling
Career BeginningsAt the age of 1
Viral Role“Spy Kids: Armageddon”
Brand EndorsementsVarious
Nomination Count2 times (as of 2023)
Personal InterestsActing, Modelling, Lifestyle
Privacy PreferenceKeeps personal life private
Event ParticipationVarious
Creative ApproachPositive Attitude, Self-motivated

Everly Carganilla Height, Weight, and More

The way Everly Carganilla looks is a big part of why she is so appealing on screen. She looks like a cute doll, which makes her famous among young people. Her dark brown hair, black eyes, slim body, and sweet personality make her stand out. These features have helped her get better roles in movies and TV shows, and they have also helped her model better.

Everly Carganilla bio
Height3′ 6” inches
Weight38 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorDark Brown
Unique FeaturesBig Eyes, Silky Hair
Height in Meters1.07 meters
Height in Feet42 inches
Weight in Pounds83.8 pounds
Weight in Ounces1341.6 ounces
Personality TraitsCharming, Attractive
Physical StrengthGood

Everly Carganilla Career Information

Everly Carganilla has had a great career in the entertainment business. She first became known for her roles in “Jane the Virgin,” which quickly helped her become a household name. Her roles in different types of movies show that she can adapt to new situations and do well in them. Being in big movies like “The Haunted Man,” “Yes Day,” and “The Afterparty” shows how well-known Everly is becoming in the business.

Everly Carganilla career
First Major RoleJane the Virgin” (2015)
Subsequent Appearances“The Haunted Man”, “Yes Day”
Breakout Show“The Chair” (2021)
Additional TV Appearances“That Girl Lay Lay”, “Bud”
Latest Project“The Afterparty” (2022)
Genre VersatilitySci-Fi, Horror, Action, Drama
Career HighlightRole in “Spy Kids: Armageddon”
Acting BeginningsAt 1 year old
Industry RecognitionMultiple nominations
Acting StyleVersatile, Engaging
Future ProspectsLeading roles, Diverse genres
Influencer CollaborationsMultiple
Industry ChallengesBalancing education and acting

Everly Carganilla Net Worth Information

Even though she is still young, Everly Carganilla has already started building a significant net worth thanks to her acting career and brand endorsements. Her young age and her ability to handle money well are both impressive. With all her projects and growing fame, her net worth should keep increasing over the next few years.

Estimated Net WorthGrowing Rapidly
Primary Income SourceActing
Secondary Income SourcesModeling, Brand Endorsements
Financial ManagementWell-managed
Brand DealsMultiple
Income from Social MediaSubstantial
Potential EarningsIncreasing
Financial IndependenceAchieved at a young age
Sponsorship DealsVarious
Philanthropic InvolvementsEmerging
Financial GoalsExpanding
Expected Net Worth GrowthSteady Increase

10 Interesting Facts About Everly Carganilla

  1. Began acting at the age of one.
  2. She starred in “Jane the Virgin” as her first significant role.
  3. She was featured in a variety of genres, including sci-fi and horror.
  4. She was nominated for her acting twice before the age of 10.
  5. Maintains a solid social media presence.
  6. She keeps her personal life private.
  7. Enjoys a balance between her education and acting career.
  8. She is known for her big eyes and long, silky hair.
  9. Has a strong, positive, and self-motivated personality.
  10. Continues to explore different aspects of the entertainment industry.


For many young people who want to be actors, Everly Carganilla’s journey is an example. With her many acting skills and ability to balance school and work, she stands out in the business. As Everly develops as a person and worker, her future in the entertainment business looks very bright. Because of how dedicated, talented, and hardworking she is, she will continue to shine and become one of the most influential people in her field. Not only is her story about fame and success, but it’s also about love, persistence, and how important it is to dream big when you’re young.

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