Emma Stone Wiki/Bio, (Actress) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Emma Stone Wiki: Emma Stone is a famous actress in Hollywood, and her versatility and charm have the public spellbound. Stone was born in the United States on November 6, 1988. She has become a symbol of talent and hard work in the entertainment business. During her childhood, she started acting in local plays. She loved it so much that she quit Xavier College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona, to pursue her acting career in Los Angeles. Stone’s intense and passionate Scorpio traits can be seen in how she works at her craft.

She has repeatedly shown that she can get into different characters and make each her own. Her early big break in the teen comedy “Superbad” led to a string of hit movies and TV shows showing her versatility as an actress. Stone’s biography shows that she is both talented and dedicated, which is why she has a lot of fans and praise from critics. Her ability to go from playing serious roles in movies like “La La Land” to playing fun roles in “Zombieland” shows her versatility as an artist.

Emma Stone Wiki

Emma Stone Wiki and Biography

Full NameEmily Jean Stone
Date of BirthNovember 6, 1988
Zodiac SignScorpio
EducationXavier College Preparatory (briefly)
Career StartLocal theater productions as a child
Breakout RoleJules in “Superbad” (2007)
Notable WorksLa La Land, The Amazing Spider-Man
AwardsAcademy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe
Voice Roles“The Croods” series
MarriageMarried to Dave McCary
Personal InterestsBasketball, Baking

Emma Stone Height, Weight, and More

Emma Stone is famous for more than just being a great actress. She is also known for how beautiful and fit she is. Stone is only 5 feet 7 inches tall, and her slim body fits well with the roles she plays on screen and the red carpet.

Emma Stone bio

Her blonde hair and green eyes give her a unique look that makes her a fashion icon in the business. Her looks make her more attractive on screen and show that she is committed to living a healthy life, which is very important in the demanding world of entertainment.

Height5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)
Weight53 kg (117 lbs)
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBlonde
Physical FeatureSlender figure
Distinct StyleFashion icon on red carpets
Physical ActivityEnjoys playing basketball
Health FocusMaintains physical fitness
Beauty AspectRadiant complexion
Fashion ChoicesA Trendsetter in fashion publications

Emma Stone Career Information

Emma Stone’s rise in Hollywood shows how hard and talented she is. From her early days in theater to her award-winning role in “La La Land,” Stone has shown that she is a good actress. She has played roles in action, comedy, and drama movies, which shows her versatility as an actress. The movies aren’t the only thing that makes Stone’s career. People are interested in her professional persona because of her voice work in animated films and fashion choices on the red carpet.

Emma Stone career
Industry EntryA Child actor in theater
Hollywood DebutSuperbad” (2007)
Major Roles“La La Land,” “The Amazing Spider-Man”
Award-winning Performance“La La Land” (2017)
Voice Acting“The Croods” series
Genre VersatilityDrama, Comedy, Action
CollaborationsWorked with top directors and actors
Acting ApproachDiverse roles, experimental
Critical AcclaimPraise from critics and audiences
Future ProjectsSeeking versatile roles

Emma Stone Net Worth Information

Emma Stone is making as much money as she is famous in Hollywood. People don’t know her exact net worth, but it’s clear that her roles in hit movies and other accolades have greatly increased her wealth. Stone’s net worth comes from her hard work and intelligent career choices. She is powerful in the business because she knows how to handle money, balance prominent roles, and well-reviewed performances.

Primary Income SourceActing in films and TV series
Additional RevenueVoice acting
Notable High-Grossing Films“La La Land,” “The Amazing Spider-Man”
Awards ImpactIncreased market value post-awards
Brand EndorsementsAssociated with top brands
Real Estate InvestmentsProperties in prime locations
Financial ManagementSmart investments in diverse portfolios
PhilanthropyInvolvement in charitable causes
Market ValueHigh demand in Hollywood
Future Financial ProspectsContinuously rising

10 Interesting Facts About Emma Stone

  1. Emma Stone’s real name is Emily Jean Stone.
  2. She convinced her parents to let her move to Los Angeles at a young age to pursue acting.
  3. Stone is a natural redhead despite often being seen with blonde hair.
  4. She is deeply interested in baking, often spending her free time in the kitchen.
  5. Emma Stone is known for not having an Instagram account and maintaining a private life.
  6. She has a unique, husky voice, which has become one of her trademarks.
  7. Stone is an avid basketball fan and often plays in her leisure time.
  8. Her role in “La La Land” won her an Oscar and widespread critical acclaim.
  9. Emma Stone often chooses roles that challenge her and push her artistic boundaries.
  10. Despite her global fame, Stone is known for her down-to-earth personality and approachability.


Emma Stone’s career in Hollywood is a colorful tapestry of hard work, skill, and bravery. Stone has always been devoted to her work, from her early days in theater to her rise to become an Academy Award-winning actress. Her many roles in TV shows and movies show that she can adapt and wants to work with different types of people and stories. Off-screen, she has a lot of grace and style, which makes her a popular role model because of what she wears and how she acts in public.

Because of her relentless pursuit of complex parts and personal development, Stone has become one of Hollywood’s most admired and sought-after actresses. Aspiring actors and actresses worldwide can find inspiration in her accomplishments in her personal and professional lives. Emma Stone’s reputation in the entertainment business will surely expand as she takes on more varied roles and endeavors, solidifying her place as a modern-day icon.

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