Denzel Washington Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Denzel Washington Wiki: Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. is known worldwide as one of his time’s most potent and essential stars. Washington was born in Mount Vernon, New York, on December 28, 1954. For over four decades, his playing, directing, and producing skills have improved the world. His childhood was full of ups and downs, from growing up in a middle-class home to his parents’ difficult divorce when he was 14 years old.

His personal life is a story of hard work and dedication. At a young age, Washington became interested in theatre and writing and went to Fordham University for a BA. This path took him to a successful acting career, and The New York Times says he is the best actor of the 21st century because of it.

Denzel Washington Wiki, Bio

Denzel Washington Wiki/Bio

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameDenzel Hayes Washington Jr.
Date of BirthDecember 28, 1954
Place of BirthMount Vernon, New York, USA
Mother’s NameLennis “Lynne” Washington
Father’s NameDenzel Hayes Washington Sr.
EducationBA in Drama and Journalism from Fordham University
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse’s NamePauletta Washington
Children4 (John David, Katia, and twins Olivia and Malcolm)
HobbiesBasketball, Reading, Directing
Favourite Book‘The Measure of A Man: A Spiritual Autobiography by Sidney Poitier

Denzel Washington Height, Weight, and More

Even though Denzel Washington has a charismatic personality, much of his movie presence comes from his appearance. He is tall and athletic, and he manages to impress not only with his playing skills but also with his looks. Many of the actor’s fans are inspired by his journey to get in shape. By sticking to a strict workout schedule, he makes sure that his body matches his acting skills.

Washington’s looks have always been one of the most essential parts of his screen personality. His tall, athletic build has often helped define his characters, especially in parts with a lot of action where the way a person looks is essential.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height6 feet 1 inch
Weight90 kg
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size11 (US)
Fitness RoutineRegular Workouts, Balanced Diet
Preferred Clothing StyleClassic, Casual

Denzel Washington Career Information

Denzel Washington’s long and successful career shows how hard he works and how much he loves what he does. Washington started in theatre, but he has made a name for himself in Hollywood and won many important awards. With the medical drama show “St. Elsewhere,” Washington’s career took off, and he quickly became a central star.

Denzel Washington

Washington has played a wide range of characters in his work, from war movies like “A Soldier’s Story,” “Cry Freedom,” and “Glory” to dramas like “Malcolm X” and “The Hurricane.” His ability to play complicated roles shows how good an actor he is.

Career InformationDetails
Debut Film“Carbon Copy” (1981)
Breakthrough RoleDr. Philip Chandler in ‘St. Elsewhere’
Best Known For‘Training Day,’ ‘Glory,’ ‘Malcolm X’
GenresDr Philip Chandler in ‘St. Elsewhere’
AwardsTwo Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards
Net Worth$250 Million (Estimated)
Recent Project‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ (2021)
Preferred RolesComplex Characters, Leaders, Heroes
Directorial Debut‘Antwone Fisher’ (2002)

Denzel Washington Net Worth Information

Washington’s fantastic work as an actor and director has brought him critical praise and a lot of money. His net worth shows how hard he worked, how good he was, and how much he loved what he did. Aside from acting, it’s also important to note that he’s made much money through brand endorsements and real estate deals.

Washington’s net worth has grown steadily over the years, which shows that he is still vital and thriving in the industry. The fact that he has a lot of money shows that he has much power and is highly regarded in the entertainment business.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Estimated Net Worth$250 Million
Primary Source of WealthActing
Secondary Source of WealthDirecting, Producing
Real Estate InvestmentsMulti-Million Dollar Properties in Los Angeles
Brand EndorsementsOmega Watches, Ford Motors
PhilanthropyDonations to various causes, Scholarships at Fordham University
Highest-Grossing Film‘American Gangster’ ($266.5 Million)
LuxuriesPrivate Jets, Luxury Cars
Financial InvestmentsStocks, Bonds
Future ProjectsSigned multiple film deals

Exciting Facts About Denzel Washington

  1. Denzel Washington’s parents divorced when he was 14, which he considers a significant turning point.
  2. He played collegiate basketball at Fordham University.
  3. His performance in the play ‘Othello’ garnered him much praise and helped kick-start his acting career.
  4. He is among the few actors to have won both a Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Oscar.
  5. He is an avid reader, with Sidney Poitier’s ‘The Measure of A Man’ being one of his favorite books.
  6. Denzel made his directorial debut with the film ‘Antwone Fisher 2002.
  7. He has played real-life characters like ‘Malcolm X,’ ‘The Hurricane,’ and ‘American Gangster.’
  8. The New York Times named him the most excellent actor of the 21st century.
  9. Denzel Washington received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2022.
  10. He prefers to play complex characters, often leaders or heroes, in his films.


Denzel Washington’s life is an excellent example of how ability, hard work, and always trying to be the best can lead to success. His addition to the world of movies is vast, and young actors can learn much from his life. Even though he has hit extraordinary heights, Washington stays grounded and dedicated to his work. His impressive career, personal life, physical appearance, and net worth all say a lot about what a great guy he is. Denzel Washington keeps showing that he is one of the best actors of our time by using his skills to charm the world.

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