Deborah Kerr Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Deborah Kerr Wiki: Deborah Kerr, born Deborah Jane Trimmer, was a well-known British actress whose skills wowed audiences. She was born in Hillhead, Glasgow, on September 30, 1921. She was Kathleen Rose and Captain Arthur Charles Kerr Trimmer’s only child. Edmund “Teddy” Kerr, Kerr’s younger brother, became a writer. Her aunt, Phyllis Smale, taught her how to act for the first time. She worked at a Bristol play school run by Lally Cuthbert Hicks.

Kerr’s parents married on August 21, 1919, when they were both 28 years old. She spent her early life in Helensburgh, a town on the west coast where her parents and grandparents lived with her. Kerr went to private schools in Bristol and Weston-super-Mare. She went to Northumberland House School in Henleaze and Rossholme School in Weston-super-Mare. She learned to dance ballet and made her stage debut at Sadler’s Wells in 1938.

Deborah Kerr Wiki, Bio

Deborah Kerr Wiki/Bio

Deborah Kerr Wiki and BiographyDetails
Full NameDeborah Jane Trimmer
Date of Birth30 September 1921
Place of BirthHillhead, Glasgow
ParentsKathleen Rose and Capt. Arthur Charles Kerr Trimmer
EducationNorthumberland House School, Henleaze in Bristol, and at Rossholme School, Weston-super-Mare
Career Start1938 (Ballet dancer), later shifted to acting
SiblingsEdmund (“Teddy”) Trimmer
First Acting TeacherAunt, Phyllis Smale
DeathAuthor Peter Viertel (July 23, 1960 – till her death)

Deborah Kerr Height, Weight, and More

Deborah Kerr was known for her grace and style and for being a great actress. She gave off an air of dignity and was very attractive on the screen. Despite being a star, Kerr was known for being humble and down-to-earth.

Kerr was about average height and kept a healthy body all her life. She was beautiful the way she was, and her look was classic. She was healthy and liked to dance, so she often did that as part of her workout routine. She was also cautious about what she ate and preferred well-balanced meals.

Deborah Kerr Height, Weight, and MoreDetails
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters)
Weight55 kg (121 pounds)
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorGreen
DietBalanced and Nutritious
Exercise RoutineDance and Regular Workouts
Body TypeSlim
Personality TraitsModest and Grounded
Distinctive FeaturesRed hair and green eyes
StyleClassic and Elegant

Deborah Kerr Career Information

Deborah Kerr was successful in her work for many years. She became known for doing ballet on stage but then switched to acting. Kerr’s first movie role was in the British movie Contraband (US title: Blackout, 1940), but her parts were cut in the end. Gabriel Pascal gave her her first important supporting part in the 1941 film Major Barbara.

Deborah Kerr

Kerr is known for her roles in classic movies like The King and I (1956), for which she got a Golden Globe Award. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943), Black Narcissus (1947), and From Here to Eternity (1953) are also well-known movies. Kerr was up for the Academy Award for Best Actress six times.

Deborah Kerr Career InformationDetails
Career Start1938 (Ballet dancer), later shifted to acting
First Film RoleContraband (US: Blackout, 1940)
First Significant RoleMajor Barbara (1941)
Major FilmsThe King and I (1956), The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943), Black Narcissus (1947), From Here to Eternity (1953)
AwardsGolden Globe Award for The King and I (1956), Six times nominee for the Academy Award for Best Actress
Honorary AwardsCannes Film Festival, BAFTA, and an Academy Honorary Award
Career SpanOver 50 years
GenresDrama, Romance, Musical
Acting StyleGraceful and Elegant

Deborah Kerr Net Worth Information

Even though not all of Kerr’s financial details are known to the public, she had a successful job that made her rich. She was a famous actress during her time because she was in many popular movies. Given how famous she was as an actress, her net worth was thought to be relatively high.

Deborah Kerr Net Worth InformationDetails
Primary Income SourceActing
Secondary Income SourceEndorsements
ResidencesKlosters, Switzerland, and Marbella, Spain
Estimated Net Worth at the Time of Death$10 Million
Financial LegacyLeft for her children and spouse
Charities SupportedVarious local and international charities
Art CollectionKnown for collecting modern art
InvestmentsReal Estate and Private Investments
AssetsProperties in Klosters, Switzerland, and Marbella, Spain
PhilanthropyKnown for her generous donations to charities

10 Interesting Facts About Deborah Kerr

  1. Deborah Kerr was born Deborah Jane Trimmer.
  2. She was educated in Bristol and started her career as a ballet dancer.
  3. Her first acting teacher was her aunt, Phyllis Smale.
  4. She had a younger brother, Edmund, who became a journalist.
  5. Deborah Kerr was nominated six times for the Academy Award for Best Actress.
  6. Kerr won a Golden Globe for her performance in The King and I.
  7. Her first significant film role was in Major Barbara (1941).
  8. She was married twice, first to Anthony Bartley and then to Peter Viertel.
  9. Kerr had two daughters, Melanie Jane and Francesca Ann.
  10. Kerr passed away in 2007, leaving a significant mark on the film industry.


In the end, Deborah Kerr became famous in the movie business. She was known for how many different roles she could play and how beautiful and kind she was. She stayed solid and trustworthy to her roots her whole life. Her life and work show how talented, strong, and dedicated she is. She is still known and loved for her performances that have stood the test of time and for paving the way for future generations as Bing.

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