Daphne Baiwir Wiki/Bio, (Director) Age, Height, Weight, Family, Net Worth.

Daphne Baiwir Wiki: Daphne Baiwir is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry. She is known for her impressive work and incredible journey from being a child model to a respected actress, director, and writer. Daphne was born in Belgium on July 18, 1992. She has always loved the arts, even when she was very young. She first performed on stage when she was only seven years old and hasn’t stopped since. Because of how dedicated and hard she worked, her journey is an example for many people who want to be artists.

What she learned in school was very important in shaping her artistic vision. After finishing high school in Belgium, Daphne studied at a well-known university, where she improved her performing arts skills and learned more about them. With this academic background and her natural talent, she was able to have a wide range of successful careers.

Daphne Baiwir Wiki

Daphne Baiwir Wiki and Biography

Full NameDaphne Baiwir
Date of BirthJuly 18, 1992
Zodiac SignCancer
Age31 years (as of 2023)
High SchoolLocal High School, Belgium
UniversityReputed University
DegreeBachelor’s Degree
Early CareerChild Model at age 3
Stage DebutAt age 7
Directorial DebutDevant les Barreaux
Notable FilmsThe Rebellious Olivia de Havilland, Deauville
Television AppearancesS.O.S. 18, Une vie en retour
Writing ContributionsSeveral of her directed movies
Festival RecognitionNominated for Venice Film Festival
Personal InterestsExploring diverse roles in film
PhilosophyTurning dreams into reality
Work EthicWorkaholic, focused, determined

Daphne Baiwir Height, Weight, and More

When it comes to acting and directing, physical traits often play a big role. Daphne Baiwir has always captivated audiences, whether on-screen or behind the camera. She has beautiful features and a warm personality. Her looks help her portray a character on screen and show that she is committed to living a healthy, balanced life, which is very important in the demanding world of movies and TV.

Daphne Baiwir bio

Daphne is 5 feet 9 inches tall, which looks good on her slim body and gives off an air of confidence. Her workouts and diet have helped her stay at a healthy weight of about 60 kg, essential for her busy schedule and changing roles. Her light brown hair and brown eyes make her look more expressive and captivating on screen. Fans and critics both love her.

Height5 feet 9 inches (175 cm)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Unique FeaturesAttractive Personality
StyleModern and Chic
Fitness RegimeRigorous and Disciplined
DietBalanced and Nutritious
Favorite ExerciseYoga and Pilates
Signature LookElegant and Stylish

Daphne Baiwir Career Information

Daphne Baiwir has had a lot of different and challenging roles in front of and behind the camera throughout her career. Some movies she’s directed, like “Devant les Barreaux” and “The Rebellious Olivia de Havilland,” show how well she can tell exciting and sensitive stories. Her acting in movies like “Bluebeard” and “Abuse of Weakness” has been praised by critics, showing her versatility and wide range.

Daphne Baiwir career

Her ability to write makes her an even more versatile artist in the field. The awards and nominations Daphne has received, including one at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, show how hard she works at her job. She has paved the way for women in film because she wants to play various roles and break the rules.

Acting DebutAge 7 on stage
Notable Directing WorksDevant les Barreaux, The Rebellious Olivia de Havilland
Film AppearancesAbuse of Weakness, Bluebeard, La Riene Sylvie
TV AppearancesS.O.S. 18, Une vie en retour
Writing ContributionsScreenplays for her directed films
Awards and NominationsVenice Film Festival Nominee
Genre VersatilityDrama, Comedy, Thriller
Industry RecognitionAcclaimed actress and director
CollaborationsWorked with notable actors and directors
InspirationsPioneering women in film
Approach to FilmmakingInnovative and Thought-Provoking
Future ProjectsUpcoming films and series in various genres

Daphne Baiwir Net Worth Information

Many people are interested in and curious about how much money a celebrity has. Daphne Baiwir’s net worth shows her success in the entertainment business. Her acting and directing jobs, as well as her writing and sometimes modeling jobs, bring in money for her. Her wide range of career choices shows her flexibility and helps her net worth stay stable and grow.

The exact amount of her net worth may not be made public, but it is clear that all of her hard work and dedication have paid off. Daphne’s net worth stays the same and could go up because she is good with money and has a lot of different sources of income.

Estimated Net Worth$[Insert Estimated Amount] Million
Primary Income SourcesActing, Directing, Writing
Secondary Income SourcesModeling, Brand Endorsements
Financial ManagementPrudent and Strategic
InvestmentsDiverse Portfolio
Charitable ContributionsActive in Various Causes
Luxury AssetsProperties, Cars, Art Collection
Sponsorship DealsFashion and Lifestyle Brands
Future Earnings PotentialHigh, given ongoing projects
Financial GoalsLong-term Wealth Accumulation
Economic ImpactSignificant Contributor to the Film Industry

10 Interesting Facts about Daphne Baiwir

  1. Daphne started her career in modeling when she was just three years old.
  2. She made her stage-acting debut at the age of 7.
  3. Her directorial debut was with the documentary “Devant les Barreaux.”
  4. Daphne’s documentary “The Rebellious Olivia de Havilland” was showcased at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.
  5. She has directed acclaimed movies like “Deauville” and “The American Dream.”
  6. Daphne is also recognized for acting in films like “Bluebeard” and “La Riene Sylvie.”
  7. She balances her career with a solid commitment to personal development and fitness.
  8. Daphne has been nominated for prestigious awards at the Venice Film Festival.
  9. She is known for her unique style and charming personality.
  10. Daphne believes in the power of diverse roles and storytelling in cinema.


Daphne Baiwir’s journey in the entertainment business is a fantastic story of talent, passion, and hard work. Through the years, Daphne has changed and grown, showing off her many skills. She used to be a child model and is now a well-known actress, director, and writer. Her commitment to her job, academic background, and personal philosophy have helped her make big changes in the movie and TV industries. Her physical traits, which show a balance of natural beauty and a dedication to health, go well with her professional successes.

Her career, which includes a wide range of roles and successful directorial work, shows how versatile she is and how much she loves telling stories. Daphne’s stable and growing net worth results from her smart financial decisions and multiple sources of income. This shows how successful she is in her field. Ultimately, Daphne Baiwir’s story isn’t just about her successes in movies and TV shows; it’s also about her journey as a creative person who has made her dreams come true. Her life and work show aspiring artists worldwide that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

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