Clark Gable Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Clark Gable Wiki: Clark Gable was born on February 1, 1901, and he played parts in more than 60 movies. He was a great actor for 37 years, which made him a Hollywood star. Will Gable was born to William Henry “Will” Gable and Adeline. When he was only ten months old, his mother died too soon. His family had difficulty making ends meet, so he didn’t have an easy childhood.

Gable was well-known not only for his playing skills but also for who he was. People knew him as a big man with a loud voice. Even though he is shy, he was taught to dress well and keep himself clean. His stepmother had a significant impact on who he became as a person. Because of his personality and ability, he was one of Hollywood’s most reliable box-office draws.

Clark Gable Wiki,Bio

Clark Gable Wiki/Bio

Clark Gable Wiki and BiographyDetails
Full NameWilliam Clark Gable
Date of BirthFebruary 1, 1901
Place of BirthCadiz, Ohio, U.S.A
Father’s NameWilliam Henry “Will” Gable
Mother’s NameAdeline (née Hershelman) Gable
Stepmother’s NameJennie Dunlap
ReligionLoved to repair cars, hunt, do hard physical work, and literature
Educational BackgroundSelf-taught, loved literature and would recite Shakespeare’s sonnets
Known ForRoles in over 60 motion pictures
HobbiesLoved to repair cars, hunting, hard physical work, and literature
Notable MentionsOne of the most consistent box-office performers in Hollywood
Date of DeathNovember 16, 1960

Clark Gable Height, Weight, and More

Clark Gable was as fascinating as an actor because of how he looked. He was very tall, which added to how powerful he looked on TV. Even though he started with a high-pitched voice, he was able to lower it and improve the way he spoke, which helped him a lot as an actress. His well-groomed look came from how he was raised and helped him become known as a leading man.

Clark Gable Height, Weight, and MoreDetails
Height6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters)
Weight185 lbs (84 kg)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBlue
Distinguishing FeaturesDeep, resonant voice after training

Clark Gable Career Information

Gable didn’t have an easy path to becoming a movie star. Before he made it to Hollywood, he had a lot of different jobs. At age 17, he was moved to write after seeing a play. He worked in second-rate stock companies, traveling tent shows, and other odd jobs during his early years. When he met theatre manager Josephine Dillon, his life changed. She trained him and helped him get his start in movies.

Clark Gable
Clark Gable Career InformationDetails
First JobThe play is titled “The Bird of Paradise.”
Career StartWorked in second-class stock companies and traveling tent shows
Acting InspirationAs an aging cowboy in The Misfits, released posthumously in 1961
Career Turning PointMet Josephine Dillon, who trained him and helped him get into films
Major RolesThe play is titled “The Bird of Paradise.”
AchievementsAs an ageing cowboy in The Misfits, released posthumously in 1961
Final On-screen AppearanceThe play is titled “The Bird of Paradise.”

Clark Gable Net Worth Information

Gable was one of the most popular stars of his time, and his wealth showed that. He made much money from his movie parts and always did well at the box office. Even though he had trouble with money when he was young, his net worth helped him to live a comfortable life.

Clark Gable Net Worth InformationDetails
Primary Source of WealthActing
Estimated Net Worth at the Time of Death$10 million
Highest-Grossing FilmKnown for his love of cars, he held several luxury automobiles
PropertiesOwned a ranch in Encino, California
Notable PurchasesKnown for his love of cars, owned several luxury automobiles

10 Interesting Facts about Clark Gable

  1. Clark Gable was named Bill after his father but was almost always called Clark.
  2. His father insisted he engage in masculine activities like hunting and hard physical work.
  3. He was mechanically inclined and loved to repair cars with his father.
  4. Gable loved literature and would recite Shakespeare among the trusted company.
  5. Gable was inspired to become an actor after seeing the play The Bird of Paradise at age 17.
  6. Before making it in Hollywood, he worked various jobs, including second-class stock companies, traveling tent shows, and as a necktie salesman.
  7. Josephine Dillon, a theatre manager in Portland, was Gable’s acting coach and helped him improve his acting skills.
  8. He was named the seventh most excellent male movie star of classic American cinema by the American Film Institute.
  9. His final on-screen appearance was as an aging cowboy in The Misfits, released posthumously in 1961.
  10. Despite his wealth, Gable never forgot his humble beginnings and was known for his down-to-earth personality.


Clark Gable was, without question, one of the most influential people in the history of Hollywood. His story shows how persistence and hard work can pay off. He came from a low-income family and worked hard to become one of the biggest movie stars of his time. Gable’s life shows that anything is possible with passion, drive, and good chances. He will always be known as a true Hollywood legend.

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