Christopher Plummer Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Christopher Plummer Wiki: Christopher Plummer was one of Canada’s best-known actors. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, on December 13, 1929. His impressive playing career lasted for seven decades, which shows how talented and dedicated he was. Christopher’s early life was a unique mix of growing up in the upper middle class and having a long history with the theater.

As the only child of John Orme Plummer, a stocks trader, and Isabella Mary Abbott, a secretary at McGill University, he grew up with a rich background. Soon after he was born, his parents split up, and his mother mostly raised him in the home of the Abbott family in Senneville, Quebec.

Christopher Plummer Wiki, Bio

He was a well-rounded person who spoke English and French and was interested in music from a young age. He first tried to follow his dream of becoming a solo pianist, but the pull of the theater was too strong. When he saw Laurence Olivier’s movie Henry V, he became interested in acting, which led him to become an apprentice at the Montreal Repertory Theatre. Even though he had been involved with McGill University for a long time, he never went to college, which he always regretted.

Christopher Plummer Wiki/Bio

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameArthur Christopher Orme Plummer
Date of BirthDecember 13, 1929
Place of BirthToronto, Ontario
Mother’s NameIsabella Mary Abbott
Father’s NameJohn Orme Plummer
Languages KnownEnglish and French
EducationHigh School of Montreal
Marital StatusMarried thrice (last wife – Elaine Taylor)
ChildrenOne daughter (Amanda Plummer)
Known ForActing
InterestTheatre and Music
HobbiesPlaying Piano
Favorite ActorLaurence Olivier
Dream RoleOedipus in La Machine Infernale
First RecognitionAs Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, a Montreal High School production
Birth SignSagittarius

Christopher Plummer Height, Weight, and More

Christopher Plummer was a person who had an air of elegance and charm about him. About 1.78 meters tall, he was known for his unique looks. His slender build and weight of about 70 kilograms made him even more enjoyable on stage or screen. His icy blue eyes and signature wavy hair were essential to his character, which people loved.

But it wasn’t just how he looked but also how well he could act that made him a force to be reckoned with in the performing world. He showed that he could change into any character, from the cool Captain Von Trapp in “The Sound of Music” to the mighty John Barrymore in “Barrymore,” and viewers worldwide paid attention.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height1.78 meters
Weight70 kilograms
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorGrey
Distinctive FeaturesWavy Hair, Charming Presence
Fitness RegimeRegular Workouts
DietBalanced Diet

Christopher Plummer Career Information

Christopher Plummer’s long and successful career began in 1954 with the play The Starcross Story on Broadway. He has won many awards for his acting, including the Academy Award, two Tony Awards, and two Primetime Emmy Awards. Plummer was known for his wide range of acting skills, which he showed whether he was playing Cyrano de Bergerac or John Barrymore.

Christopher Plummer

He also played important parts in movies, like the one that won him an Oscar for Beginners and the ones that critics praised in The Last Station and All the Money in the World. Plummer stayed humble and committed to his work despite his fame and awards. He never let his fame change how much he loved acting. He often said every part was a new challenge and a learning chance.

Career InformationDetails
Broadway DebutThe Starcross Story (1954)
First Tony AwardCyrano de Bergerac in Cyrano (1974)
Second Tony AwardJohn Barrymore in Barrymore (1997)
Academy AwardBeginners (2011)
Notable FilmsThe Sound of Music, The Last Station, All the Money in the World
Notable TV ShowsThe Thorn Birds, Counterstrike, Jesus of Nazareth
Duration of CareerSeven Decades
SkillsVersatile Acting, Musical Talent

Christopher Plummer Net Worth Information

Plummer made money from his acting work, which lasted for seven decades. But he was known for living a simple life and spending money on things he loved, like collecting rare books and traveling. Even though he had a lot of money, he always thought that the objective measure of an actor’s success was how much the audience loved them, not how much money they had.

Christopher Plummer was generous and gave a lot of money to many different causes. He gave money to arts programs and organizations, which showed that he loved theater and wanted to help young performers. Even though he made a lot of money from his work, he said that the value of it was the joy he got from performing and the appreciation from his audiences.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Net Worth$20 million (estimated)
Primary Source of WealthActing
PhilanthropySupport for arts programs and organizations
PropertyResidence in Weston, Connecticut
Notable PurchasesRare books collection
Financial ManagementConservative
InvestmentsStocks, Bonds
Other Income SourcesRoyalties from a book (Despite of Myself)

10 Interesting Facts about Christopher Plummer

  1. He was the only Canadian recipient of the “Triple Crown of Acting.”
  2. He was a second cousin of British actor Nigel Bruce, known for portraying Doctor Watson.
  3. Plummer started as a concert pianist before turning to acting.
  4. He regretted not attending university despite his successful career.
  5. He was fascinated with Laurence Olivier’s film Henry V, which inspired him to act.
  6. His breakthrough role was as Captain Georg von Trapp in The Sound of Music.
  7. He was married thrice and had a daughter, Amanda Plummer, an actress.
  8. His memoir, Despite Myself, was published in 2008.
  9. He won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film Beginners.
  10. He was fluent in both English and French.


In the world of theater, Christopher Plummer was a significant person. His long career and many awards show how hard he worked and how much he loved what he did. Even though he was famous and had a lot of success, he stayed humble and kind. Many people who wanted to be actors looked up to him, and his acts will still be discussed for years. Christopher Plummer’s life is an excellent example of how desire and hard work can help you have a long and successful career. His story will be remembered for a long time.

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