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Charles Chaplin Wiki: Charles Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889, in East Street, Walworth, South London. He grew up in poverty and became one of the most famous people in the world. His parents were musicians who performed in music halls, but their marriage was hard, so Chaplin and his brothers had difficulty growing up.

His mother, Hannah Chaplin, had a mental illness that put her in and out of mental hospitals. Charles Chaplin Sr., Chaplin’s father, was a heavy drinker who died young of liver cancer. Chaplin overcame these problems and had a famous career in the movie business.

Charles Chaplin Wiki, Bio

Chaplin didn’t have an easy road to success. He was sent to the Lambeth Workhouse and then the Central London District School for Paupers when he was only seven. Yet, these hard times seemed to shape him, giving him the stuff he needed to make the impressive figures he later brought to the big screen.

Personal InformationDetails
Full NameCharles Spencer Chaplin
Birthdate16 April 1889
Place of BirthEast Street, Walworth, South London
ParentsHannah Chaplin (mother), Charles Chaplin Sr. (father)
SiblingsSydney John Hill (half-brother), George Wheeler Dryden (brother)
Marital StatusMarried four times
Place of DeathSwitzerland
OccupationActor, Filmmaker, Composer
EducationAttended school till age 13
Start of CareerAge 14

Charles Chaplin Height, Weight, and More

Chaplin was known for his unique brand of physical comedy, which had a lot to do with how he looked. He was about average height, and because he was thin, he could do a lot of acrobatics and physical stunts in his shows. His unique outfit of baggy pants, big shoes, a cane, and a bowler hat became a sign of the “Tramp” character, which people worldwide loved.

Chaplin also had a trim beard, an essential part of his on-screen look. It was said that he got it because it made him look older and added a bit of seriousness to his otherwise youthful look.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height (Feet)5 feet 5 inches
Height (Meters)1.65 meters
Weight (Kg)70 kilograms
Weight (Pounds)154 pounds
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlack

Charles Chaplin Career Information

Even before he went on stage for the first time at age 5, Chaplin was a natural performer. His work lasted more than 75 years, and some of the best parts were when he helped start United Artists and made his movies. He is best known for making “The Tramp,” a figure that won people’s hearts worldwide. Even though Chaplin didn’t switch to good pictures in the 1930s, he kept making important movies like “City Lights” and “Modern Times.”

Charles Chaplin

There were some problems with Chaplin’s work. He was accused of having communist views, and his personal life was often in the news. Even so, he stayed committed to his work and made movies until a year before he died in 1977.

Career InformationDetails
First Stage AppearanceAge 5
First FilmKeystone Studios, 1914
Iconic CharacterThe Tramp
Co-founder ofUnited Artists
First Sound FilmThe Great Dictator, 1940
Notable FilmsThe Kid, A Woman of Paris, The Gold Rush, The Circus, City Lights, Modern Times
Last FilmA Countess from Hong Kong, 1967
Career SpanOver 75 years

Charles Chaplin Net Worth Information

Even though Chaplin’s early life was hard, he became wealthy through his film work. He was known for being financially stable, and because he was a workaholic, he often spent years planning and making his movies. At the time of his death, he was worth about $50 million, according to estimates.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Estimated Net Worth at Time of Death$50 million
Main Source of WealthFilm career
Secondary Source of WealthRoyalties from his films
Financial IndependenceHe Owned his studio, United Artists
Real EstateOwned a 35-acre estate in Switzerland
Charitable DonationsKnown to be generous, specific charities unknown
InvestmentsUnknown, likely in the film industry
Personal AssetsIncluded a 2,944-square-foot home in Beverly Hills
DebtNone reported at the time of death
Net Worth at the Height of CareerEstimated to be around $16 million in the late 1920s (equivalent to over $200 million today)

10 Interesting Facts About Charles Chaplin

  1. He was sent to a workhouse twice before he was nine.
  2. His mother was committed to a mental asylum when he was just 14.
  3. He was signed to the Fred Karno company at the age of 19.
  4. He developed the Tramp persona, which garnered him a huge fan base.
  5. His first feature-length film was “The Kid,” released in 1921.
  6. His first sound film was “The Great Dictator,” which satirized Adolf Hitler.
  7. Chaplin was forced to leave the U.S. due to allegations of communist sympathies.
  8. He wrote, directed, produced, edited, starred in, and composed the music for most of his films.
  9. He was a perfectionist and would spend years developing and delivering a picture.
  10. He received an Honorary Academy Award in 1972 for “the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century.”


Ultimately, Charles Chaplin’s life and work were marked by great struggles and victories. From a poor background in London, he became one of the most influential people in the history of movies. His dedication to his work and unique on-screen image made him an icon that will last long. Even though there have been problems in his personal and business life, his work is still praised for its impact and creativity.

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