Cary Grant Wiki/Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Cary Grant Wiki: Cary Grant was born Archibald Alec Leach in Bristol, England, on January 18, 1904. When he was young and went to the Bristol Hippodrome, he became interested in playing. At 16, Grant became a stage actor with the Pender Troupe and went on a tour of the US.

After several popular shows in New York City, he moved there to live. During the 1920s, Grant became famous in vaudeville and toured the US before going to Hollywood in the 1930s. His relationships went up and down, and his movie successes made him one of Hollywood’s most sought-after starring men.

Cary Grant Wiki, Bio

His work life was full of praise and awards, but his personal life was marked by his many marriages and the hard times he faced as a child. He got married five times, and three of those times, actors Virginia Cherrill, Betsy Drake, and Dyan Cannon ran away with him. With Dyan Cannon, he had a daughter named Jennifer Grant. Grant’s youth was brutal, from the death of his older brother to his mother being put in an institution. This affected how he treated women in the future.

Cary Grant Wiki/Bio

Personal InformationDetails
Birth NameArchibald Alec Leach
Date of BirthJanuary 18, 1904
Place of BirthBristol, England
Childhood PassionActing
First MarriageVirginia Cherrill (1934-1935)
Second MarriageBetsy Drake (1949-1962)
Third MarriageDyan Cannon (1965-1968)
DaughterJennifer Grant
Father’s OccupationTailor’s Presser
Mother’s OccupationSeamstress
Early Life StrugglesDeath of older brother, Mother’s institutionalization
Retirement Year1966

Cary Grant Height, Weight, and More

Cary Grant was known for his sophisticated personality. He was tall and fit and always had a fantastic attitude. Because of how charming he was and how well he dressed, he became a lasting figure of old-school Hollywood glamour. His unique Mid-Atlantic accent made him more lovable and helped him stand out on the big screen.

Grant was always in good physical shape, essential for his busy life and demanding acting jobs. His dark hair and smile made people worldwide want to see him. His smooth movements and well-groomed appearance helped him immensely in romantic and funny parts, which people remember him for.

Physical AttributesDetails
Height6’1″ (1.85 m)
Weight176 lbs (80 kg)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown
Distinctive FeatureMid-Atlantic Accent
Physical ConditionFit

Cary Grant Career Information

Before he became famous in Hollywood, Cary Grant was a stage actor. His first appearances were in crime movies and dramas, but he soon found his niche in romantic screwball comedies. Grant’s memorable roles in films like “The Awful Truth,” “Bringing Up Baby,” “His Girl Friday,” and “The Philadelphia Story” made him a star actor in Hollywood.

Cary Grant

Grant showed versatility by playing morally ambiguous characters in suspense plays for the well-known director Alfred Hitchcock. Some of the movies he worked on with Hitchcock that are known for being good are “Suspicion,” “Notorious,” “To Catch a Thief,” and “North by Northwest.” Grant was a well-liked figure in the movie business because he was able to act in both comedic and dramatic roles while keeping his excellent image.

Career InformationDetails
First FilmThis is the Night (1932)
Breakthrough FilmThe Awful Truth (1937)
GenresComedy, Romance, Drama, Suspense
CollaborationsAlfred Hitchcock
Notable FilmsNorth by Northwest, Charade, Arsenic and Old Lace
AwardsAcademy Honorary Award, Kennedy Center Honor

Cary Grant Net Worth Information

Cary Grant’s long and successful movie career brought him fame, critical praise, and a lot of money. He made a lot of money as an actor and in business. For example, he represented the beauty company Fabergé and was on the board of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Grant’s legacy in the movie business has kept adding to his wealth even after he died, as new groups of people watch his movies and enjoy them. Even though Grant stopped acting in 1966, he stayed financially successful because he made smart business choices and had many investments.

Net Worth InformationDetails
Primary Source of IncomeActing
Secondary Source of IncomeBusiness Ventures
Associated CompaniesFabergé, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Property HoldingsLuxury houses in Beverly Hills
Car CollectionClassic cars
Charitable DonationsVarious charities
Net Worth at RetirementEstimated at $60 Million
Posthumous EarningsLicensing and Royalties from Film Re-releases
InvestmentsReal Estate, Stocks
Financial LegacyThe Estate was left to daughter Jennifer

10 Interesting Facts about Cary Grant

  1. Cary Grant was initially reluctant to move to Hollywood.
  2. His collaborations with Alfred Hitchcock are considered among the best in film history.
  3. Despite being nominated twice, Grant never won a competitive Oscar.
  4. He was a skilled acrobat, a talent often showcased in his films.
  5. Grant retired from acting to spend more time with his daughter.
  6. He was known for his frugality despite his considerable wealth.
  7. Grant was one of the few actors who successfully transitioned from the silent era to talkies.
  8. He was often considered the epitome of male elegance in Hollywood.
  9. Despite his fame, he was known for his humility and graciousness.
  10. Grant has been immortalized in numerous books, documentaries, and biographies for his contributions to the film industry.


Cary Grant’s life was a mix of home problems and work successes. His popularity as a leading man in Hollywood shows how talented and exciting he was. Even though his personal life was hard, Grant’s addition to the movie business is still unmatched.

He was one of the most versatile artists of his time because he could do comedy and drama well and had a unique Mid-Atlantic accent. Off-screen, people liked him because of how smart and charming he was. Cary Grant will always be remembered as a part of Hollywood’s Golden Age because his influence inspired new actors.

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