Anupama 6th January 2024 Written Update: Aadya indirectly taunting Anupama.

Anupama 6th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Adhik apologizes to the Shah family. He explains he came to see Ishani. Adhik mentions he’s been waiting to see Ishani and is upset because Pakhi doesn’t let him meet her or even share photos of Ishani. He shares that Pakhi divorced him for a small issue and clarifies he’s not there to complain about Pakhi but to see Ishani. Leela believes Pakhi made a mistake by divorcing Adhik. Kavya thinks Pakhi is wrong to keep Ishani from meeting Adhik. Leela suggested that Adhik plays with Ishani, and Adhik thanked her.

Anupama is cooking, and Shruti calls Anuj. Anuj senses Anupama’s presence. Shruti urges Anuj to return soon as he has a meeting with Joshi. Anuj decides to head home. Adhik spends time with Ishani. Kavya feels sorry for Adhik, and Dimple mentions many dads can’t see their children. Adhik attempts to take a photo with Ishani, but Pakhi stops him.

Anupama 6th January 2024 Written Update

Shruti compliments Aadya. Aadya checks if the food is ready. Shruti confirms and sends her to the kitchen. Aadya sees Anupama and thinks she and Anuj shouldn’t meet. Aadya calls Anuj to bring a jacket, confusing him. He decides to get it.

Pakhi tells Adhik to leave her house. Kavya tries to intervene, but Pakhi insists. Adhik begs Pakhi to let him see Ishani. Pakhi forces Adhik out. Shruti and Aadya dance and Aadya almost falls. Anupama helps her. Aadya remembers the past and announces Shruti’s marriage to Anuj, indirectly taunting Anupama for not prioritizing her. Anupama is shocked.

Anupama 6th January 2024 Written Update

Adhik questions Pakhi about her actions despite him doing what she asked. Pakhi calls Adhik a loser. Kavya, Dimple, and Leela feel sorry for Adhik. Aadya dreams of Anupama and Anuj not meeting and plans to keep them apart. Aadya wants Anuj to bring a cheesecake for her friends. Anuj asks about Joshi. Anupama plans to leave, but Shruti asks her to wait until Anuj returns.

Precap: Anupama dances for Aadya and her friends. Aadya tells Anupama to stop dancing and has a panic attack. Anuj rushes to see Aadya.

Anupama 6th January 2024 Episode Review

Although mostly about family and personal relationships, this episode has some sad and dramatic parts. It shows how hard it is for Adhik to be away from his child by how he sincerely apologizes to the Shahs and how eager he is to meet Ishani. Because Pakhi won’t let Adhik meet Ishani, the fight between them has more to do with feelings than facts.

Anupama is a caring presence in the kitchen, and her quiet, unspoken connection with Anuj gives her more depth. Aadya’s plan to keep Anupama and Anuj apart makes the story more exciting. Because of this, we can see how complicated her feelings and her family are.

There are some serious parts to the episode and some funny parts, like when Shruti and Aadya dance. But Aadya almost falling and then making fun of Anupama makes things more interesting. Because Aadya had a panic attack at the end of the last episode, fans can’t wait for the next one. In general, this episode does an excellent job of being both emotionally deep and exciting to watch. People are interested in it and feel bad for the characters.

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