Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update: Anupama breaks down.

Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Vikram likes Anupama’s food and jokes about it. Anupama and Vikram talk about cooking for Shruti’s little girl. Vikram praises Anupama for being so nice. He wonders if people in America will like Indian dishes. Anupama thinks Shruti and her partner might like them. Vikram is happy with what she says. Anupama says she’ll keep some sweet treats for him.

Anuj misses Anupama and asks Shruti when she’ll be back. Shruti says she’ll be back tomorrow. Anuj feels odd about Anupama. Anupama makes cooking easy for Vikram. Vikram says that Yashpal is very picky about his meals.

Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update

Vanraj is thinking about Titu’s secret. Kavya is sorry for what she did to Vanraj, and he’s happy she understands. Kavya talks about how hard it is to be a mom. Vanraj says Kavya misses Anupama, and they should think about her advice. Anupama says women often give up a lot. He advises Kavya and Dimple to be good wives and daughters-in-law.

Anupama bakes a cake and writes in her diary, feeling sad about Anuj and Anu. Anuj is not feeling good. Dimple makes breakfast for Vanraj but accidentally spills water on him. She tries to clean it up, but Vanraj says it’s okay. He says she’s like a daughter to the family. Kavya thinks Vanraj is fooling Dimple. Pakhi tells everyone she’s going to her friend’s place without Ishaani. Leela is not happy. Vanraj lets Pakhi use his new car and asks Dimple to stay home.

Kavya wants Leela to video call Mahi so Ishani and Ansh can meet. Leela thinks it’s a good idea. Kavya misses Anupama. Anupama gets to Anuj’s place. Shruti is happy to see her and wants to cook. She asks Anupama to make a wish, but Anupama doesn’t want to.

Anupama 5th January 2024 Written Update

Leela gives gold presents to Ishani, Ansh, and Mahi. Adhik meets Ishani and gets emotional. Anupama cooks and tells Shruti to take it easy. Anupama thinks of Anuj when Shruti plays a song. – The show ends.

Precap: Aadya sees Anupama. Shruti wishes Anuj comes back soon. Aadya thinks Anupama and Anuj shouldn’t meet and plans to keep them apart.

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