Anupama 4th January 2024 Written Update: Anupama cooks Anuj’s favourite dish.

Anupama 4th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Vikram takes Anupama to see Yashpal. Anupama wonders what Vikram is planning. Vikram asks her to help him. He speaks with Yashpal, trying to get permission for Anupama to cook in the kitchen. Anupama also requests Yashpal to let her cook, promising to do well. Yashpal goes to the kitchen, making Vikram and Anupama hopeful he agrees.

Kavya confronts Vanraj. He asks if she forgot everything he did for their home. Kavya replies that Vanraj did nothing special, as all families do the same. She supports Titu and Dimple. Kavya suggests to Vanraj that they should marry. They argue. Kavya defends Dimple, saying Vanraj would have remarried Samar if Dimple had passed away. She believes Dimple can start anew with Titu.

Anupama 4th January 2024 Written Update

Pakhi mentions she’s single and happy, questioning why Dimple can’t be the same. Kavya disagrees, saying Pakhi is just pretending to be happy. She asks Leela not to support Vanraj today. Vanraj questions Dimple’s happiness. Kavya tells him not to control others’ lives. Dimple claims she’s happy. Vanraj tells Kavya to focus on Mahi, her daughter. Kavya misses Anupama.

Yashpal teaches Anupama cooking. She cooks, and Yashpal tells her to serve customers. If they like it, she can be a cook. Anupama is determined to succeed and decides to cook Anuj’s favourite dish. Vikram asks about Anuj, surprising Anupama.

Anupama 4th January 2024 Written Update

Aadya wants Anuj to throw a party. He thinks it’s a good idea. Aadya calls him old-fashioned. Anuj suspects she’s using the party to distract herself. Shruti plans the party, thinking of involving Anupama. Anuj and Anupama sense each other’s presence. Shruti asks Anupama to cook for the party. Anuj recognizes the voice. Anupama agrees to cook.

Precap: Anuj asks Shruti when the chef will arrive and is told by evening. He’s puzzled. Anupama reaches his house, shocked.

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