Anupama 3rd January 2024 Written Update: Anupama thinks Aadya might be Shruti’s daughter.

Anupama 3rd January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Kavya tells Dimple to relax and not work like a robot. Dimple also tells Kavya to rest. Kavya decides to help Dimple clean the house. Dimple wonders if Kavya misses Mahi. Kavya admits leaving Mahi was hard. She tells Dimple they both used to be strong but now feel weak. Kavya remembers being independent with Dimple.

Dimple thinks they gave up a lot for their children. Kavya chose a husband she didn’t love, and Dimple became a housemaid for their kids. Kavya shares that Mahi is sad and depressed. Dimple suggests bringing Mahi back home. Kavya doubts Mahi will be happy there. Dimple encourages Kavya to try and hopes Vanraj will accept Mahi.

Anupama 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Aadya sees Anupama and wonders why she’s there, even though she dislikes her. Anupama feels Aadya’s there and catches her trying to hide. Pakhi rudely asks Dimple for water, which makes Kavya angry. She wonders when Pakhi will leave. Dimple wants Pakhi to stay to show love to Ishani. Kavya and Dimple feel they can’t be good mothers to their kids and miss Anupama.

Anupama asks Aadya what she’s looking for. Aadya questions her feelings about Anupama and runs away. Anupama thinks Aadya might be Shruti’s daughter. Leela goes to sleep. Kavya wonders if Ansh only visits Dimple when Vanraj and Leela are asleep. Titu surprises Kavya and Dimple by visiting Ansh and Ishani. Kavya asks Titu why he’s there. Titu says he was passing by. Dimple feels uneasy.

Anupama 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Vanraj confronts Titu. Titu says he’ll keep visiting Dimple. Vanraj warns him. Titu stands up for Dimple, saying she likes him but is quiet because of Vanraj. He asks if Vanraj ever thought about Dimple and Ansh’s future without him and calls him selfish.

Precap: Yashpal asks Anupama to cook a special dish. Shruti invites Anupama to cook for Aadya’s friend. Anupama is surprised.

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