Anupama 25th March 2024 Written Update: Anupama blames Paritosh.

Anupama 25th March 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anuj tells everyone that Aadya is not getting along with Anupama and himself. He asks Aadya to think clearly. Anuj reminds Anu of when Anupama warned her about a dangerous situation with a car. He tells Anu to stop acting as if she is always wronged. Anuj warns Aadya to respect older people, or he will stop talking to her. Shruti tells Aadya not to push Anuj too far.

Vanraj comes back home and asks what’s wrong. Kinjal tells him that some bad people have come to scare her. Anupama tries to explain to Vanraj, but he doesn’t understand. She worries that those evil people might have taken them away if the children had been home. Hasmuk suggests that Paritosh should give himself to the police and report the bad people. Anupama fears that bad people might come back with guns. Vanraj and Anupama worry about Samar. Anupama asks Vanraj to call Paritosh. Kinjal, Dimple, and Kavya are upset with Vanraj.

Anupama 25th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 25th March 2024 Written Update

Kinjal pleads with Vanraj to call Paritosh. Vanraj feels sorry for helping Paritosh. Hasmuk is angry with Vanraj. Paritosh misses Kinjal and Pari. Anupama tells Vanraj he doesn’t want to lose another son after Samar, so he’s trying to help. She asks Vanraj to think of the family, too. Paritosh calls Vanraj, but a bad guy sees him and doesn’t let him talk. Ron plans to hurt Paritosh.

Vanraj tries to clarify to the family that he doesn’t know where Paritosh is and asks them to trust him. Pari wants to play Holi with everyone. Vanraj promises Pari they will. Leela is scared of celebrating while the bad people are around. Vanraj and Anupama decide to celebrate Holi for the sake of the children.

Anuj is upset and thinks about Anupama. Shruti asks if he’s okay. Anuj is upset with himself and Aadya. He regrets bringing Aadya to the USA and questions his parenting. Shruti tries to support Aadya, but Anuj disagrees. He’s upset about Aadya’s bad behaviour. Anuj wonders how to make Aadya realize she hurt Anupama. Aadya says sorry to Anuj and tells him not to blame himself.

She admits her mistake. Anuj tells her not to do it again. Shruti wants to celebrate Holi, but Aadya doesn’t want to join. Anupama makes tea for Vanraj. He says Paritosh’s actions have put the family at risk. Anupama blames Paritosh. Vanraj says Paritosh always messes up. Anupama misses Samar. – The story ends here.

Anupama 25th March 2024 Written Update

Precap: Biji tells Yashdeep to share news about the restaurant after Holi. Shruti drinks too much and celebrates Holi with Anuj.

Anupama 25th March 2024 Episode Review

This episode shows a lot of different feelings, conflicts, and dramatically different cultural celebrations. Family relationships are complicated, especially between Anuj, Aadya, and Anupama, who don’t talk to or understand each other, which causes problems. The plot about Vanraj, the thugs, and Paritosh adds tension and fear, showing how threats from outside the family can affect how they work together and how close they are.

The theme of responsibility and redemption is emphasized by Anupama’s role as a peacemaker and Vanraj’s struggle with the choices he made in the past. The episode does a great job of building up the excitement for Holi by showing a mix of celebration and ongoing drama, which makes it a fascinating watch.

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