Anupama 22nd February 2024 Written Update: Kinjal consoles Anupama.

Anupama 22nd February 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Kinjal tries to make Paritosh understand, but he doesn’t listen. Anupama wants to know how Paritosh met Anuj. Kinjal invites Anupama inside. Paritosh dreams about a rich life by joining Anuj’s company. Some bad people notice Paritosh. Anupama talks about how relationships are becoming difficult. Kinjal feels Paritosh doesn’t get it.

Anupama wonders why life is getting so mixed up and talks to God about it. She questions why old connections are coming back into her life. Vanraj has to go somewhere because his office said so. He plans to get a NOC from Anupama. Hasmuk tells Vanraj to speak respectfully to Anupama. Vanraj decides to get Anupama’s signature. Leela decides to go with him, hoping to see Pari, Kinjal, and Paritosh.

Anupama 22nd February 2024 Written Update

Vanraj shares that their visa is also ready. Kavya encourages Leela to go. Pakhi interrupts Vanraj. Kavya thinks Pakhi might talk about Titu’s marriage idea. Pakhi tells Vanraj she doesn’t want to stay single. Vanraj asks if she wants to return to Adhik. Pakhi wants to marry Titu, surprising everyone.

Pari is happy to see Anupama. Kinjal suggests Anupama talk to Anuj. Anupama feels she shouldn’t interfere in Anuj or Paritosh’s matters. Kinjal says sorry to Anupama for misunderstanding her. Anupama advises Kinjal not to involve Anuj as he knows Paritosh well. She hopes Paritosh works at Anuj’s office.

Pakhi wants a reaction from the Shahs. Vanraj questions if Pakhi is serious. Pakhi declares her love for Titu. Dimple is shocked. Titu feels he can’t marry Pakhi. But Pakhi insists on marrying him. Leela thinks Titu won’t agree. Pakhi wants Dimple to contact Titu. Vanraj tells Pakhi to focus on the ongoing issues and not to mention Titu again. He warns Pakhi to follow the rules or leave. Pakhi is firm on marrying Titu.

Anupama 22nd February 2024 Written Update

The bad people find where Paritosh lives. Kinjal questions Anupama about Shruti and Anuj’s potential marriage. Anupama speaks highly of Shruti. Kinjal wonders if Shruti loves Anuj more. Anupama talks about love with Kinjal. She decides to live her life without Anuj. Kinjal asks about Aadya. Anupama shares Aadya’s dislike for her and wishes for Anu’s happiness. Anupama gets emotional about Aadya’s feelings. Kinjal comforts her. Pari sees the bad people and is scared.

Precap: A man tries to harm Aadya. Anupama steps in to save her.

Anupama 22nd February 2024 Episode Review

Anupama’s problems with her past and present relationships are shown in this episode, which details how complicated family and romantic relationships can be. Paritosh wants to live a fancy life by working for Anuj. This adds a subplot of ambition and possible danger as bad guys start to pay attention.

At the same time, the Shah family’s relationships, especially Pakhi’s firm resolve to marry Titu, add to the tension and emotion. Anupama‘s interaction with the divine, her questioning of her life’s turns, and her touching moment of weakness, when she realised Aadya didn’t like her, show how troubled and strong she is. The episode is exciting because it has the right amount of drama, suspense, and emotional depth.

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