Anupama 20th April 2024 Written Update: Anupama feels guilty for Shruti’s injury.

Anupama 20th April 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anuj hopes God will make Anupama’s dream come true. The judges try Anupama and Sharan’s food. Anupama thinks she has lost the competition. But Saily and Hitachi enjoy her food, making Anupama happy. A priest tells Anuj and Shruti that their wishes will come true. Anuj plans to give the priest a ride and tells Shruti he might miss her call, which surprises her.

The judge was impressed that Anupama could cook well even though she didn’t know about one of the ingredients. Anupama explains that since food doesn’t speak a language, she used her taste to figure it out. She is thrilled. Anupama thanked God for the help and shared her success with Kinjal.

Anupama 20th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 20th April 2024 Written Update

Anupama wants to celebrate by herself. Then, she hears that a shooter has attacked Aadya’s school, worrying Shruti and Anupama. Anupama urges the police to let her into the school. She finds out that Pari and Aadya are trapped. When Kinjal doesn’t answer her call, Anupama recalls her memories with Pari.

Shruti is scared for Aadya and says she is Aadya’s mom. Anupama sees Shruti, who breaks down crying. Anupama and Shruti are afraid of Aadya. Shruti tries to call Anuj, but he is in a meeting. News spreads that the shooter might have hurt the children, but Anupama gets angry at the reporter for spreading lies.

Shruti feels guilty for letting Aadya go to school. Anupama and Shruti comfort each other and pray for the kids’ safety. Anupama asks God to protect all mothers’ hearts. Shruti begs God to keep Aadya safe, or she won’t pray again. Anupama comforts her. The shooter scares everyone. The police try to keep everyone safe and tell the shooter to give up. But the shooter doesn’t listen and says the kids are okay. The police keep trying to get him to surrender.

Inside, Aadya helps Pari, who wonders what will happen next. Aadya believes the police will save them. The shooter thinks of a way to get away. Anupama and Shruti are still worried about Aadya. Anuj finds out about the danger and is scared for Aadya and Pari. The police work to save the children.

Anupama 20th April 2024 Written Update

Precap: Anupama feels guilty for Shruti’s injury. Aadya is upset with Anupama. Anupama promises to make Aadya happy again.

Anupama 20th April 2024 Episode Review

This episode is an emotional roller coaster, with drama, suspense, and hope all working together perfectly. Anupama’s cooking competition takes a touching turn when the judges are amazed by how skilled and intuitive she is in the kitchen. This shows how passionate and dedicated she is. But when shocking news comes out that there is a shooter at Aadya’s school, the mood changes drastically. This sets the stage for a tense and gripping story.

It’s easy to feel the characters’ worries and weaknesses, especially in the moving scenes where Anupama and Shruti sit together and worry together. Strong family ties, the power of prayer, and the strength of the human spirit in the face of hardship are all shown very well in this episode.

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