Anupama 10th January 2024 Written Update: Anupama tries to console Shruti.

Anupama 10th January 2024 Written Update: In today’s episode, Anupama says thank you to Yashpal. She tells Yashpal she won’t make the same mistake again. Yashpal asks his mom to join them. Vikram and the others are happy. Anupama gives back Vikram’s money. Vikram tells her she makes new friends even if she loses some friends. Anupama is grateful to Lord Krishna for guiding her through Yashpal’s mom.

Leela questions Vanraj about his plans. Vanraj tells Leela about a modern society and wants her to leave their house. Leela gets upset and tells Vanraj they should never talk about leaving their home. Anupama starts working again. She plants a holy Tulsi plant and prays for strength. She thinks about Aadya and is unsure about calling her. Anupama is confused about why Aadya feels a bond.

Anupama 10th January 2024 Written Update

Aadya says sorry to Anuj and Shruti. Shruti comforts Aadya. Anuj asks Aadya why she acted badly. Aadya is also confused and warns Shruti about Joshi. She is upset about people like Joshi who cause trouble. Anuj wonders why Aadya is upset, and it reminds him of Anupama.

Anupama asks Vikram if Shruti is not coming today. Vikram says Shruti sometimes misses work. Anupama decides to call Shruti, but Anuj answers. Anupama sees Yashpal and drops the phone. Vanraj tries to persuade Leela to move to a new place. Leela tells Vanraj to convince Hasmuk and says she’ll leave if Hasmuk agrees. Pakhi hears their talk and smirks, thinking of something.

Anupama 10th January 2024 Written Update

Shruti visits the restaurant. Anupama and Shruti talk. Shruti shares how tough it is to balance between Aadya and her fiancé. She cries, worried about losing her fiancé. Anupama comforts her and recalls her past with Anuj. Anupama advises that misunderstandings can ruin relationships.

Precap: Anuj and Anupama almost meet. Anuj sees Anupama and chases her car. He has an accident. Anupama is worried about Anuj.

Anupama 10th January 2024 Episode Review

This episode of Anupama does a great job of showing how complicated relationships can be emotionally. Her thanks show Anupama’s growth in Yashpal and her determination to fix her mistakes. The conflict between Vanraj and Leela over moving adds to the drama of the family. It’s touching to see Anupama’s spiritual connection through planting Tulsi and to think about how Aadya feels.

The subplot about Aadya’s confusion and Anuj’s worry makes the story more interesting. The episode shows how hard it is to balance personal and family duties, especially in Shruti’s situation. Overall, it’s a touching episode that balances family problems, personal growth, and deep emotional reflection.

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